Here I am…

OK, here we go…my first post. Most of the time this will be a place for me to write about the things in my life, but I hope to eventually do a lot more with it. I have become addicted to digital scrapbooking! I find it much easier than using paper and other things. I just hate to use up what I have, or make the wrong cut, and so on. I don’t have to print out multiple pictures or make more than one page if I want to add it someone else’s album. It is so liberating. And the supplies available are just awesome! Since I started about a month ago, I have created 28 pages! Very close to the amount I have made in the many years I have been scrapboooking. I have even found a place to get the pages printed for a very reasonable price. So, guess what everyone is getting for Christmas this year? Which is cool, because I have always wanted to do that for everyone in my family, and now I can, very easily.
I have found a website that is so friendly and fun and welcoming that I go to every day for challenges, ideas, shopping, and making friends that have the same love of scrapbooking. If you ever want to check it out here is the link. And eventually, once I know how to do more here, I will have it on the main page. Scrapbook-Bytes.
Before I leave, here is the latest layout I did. I am starting an album all about me. And this will be going in it.