Good News and Not So Good

I guess I will start with the not so good. I was really liking Windows Live Writer, BUT…I can’t upload my photos from where I have them. And I am NOT going to move my Blog to another place just so I can do that. I need to be able to add pictures. Then here is the next problem I am having. I am not finding the answers I need to even work properly in this blog. Which I am sure will eventually be fixed, as I talk to people or cruise the site more. It is just frustrating not being able to do the things I want to do, right NOW, lol. I just tried to add a picture of the layout from my last post in here, using the link to an URL. Well, that was all fine and well, but when I went to look at it, it is not where I want it to be. Which brings to my next problem…I can’t figure out how to edit a post in here. I read the directions, I tried it, and I am just missing something I guess, because I can’t edit. OK, enough of that, onto the good news.

Oh, but first, let me put the LO from the last post here, and for credits read below.

I will say again, I had such fun doing this layout. Really took me outside my box.

I read in one of my groups that the new mag, The Ultimate Guide to Digital Scrapbooking was really good and had a good tut on how to make a wave on your LO. I have wanted to learn this for a couple weeks now, and no one had really explained how to do it so I could understand exactly what I needed to do. Someone telling me “oh, I use such and such tool for that”, was not much help. For most people it would be sufficient, but for someone who is just learning to use the program, I need detailed instructions. But, I digress. I finally picked up the mag, which looks great. But when I went to do the wave part, I just could not get it to work like they showed in it. And believe me, I played around with it for a while.

Hummie had mentioned that she also had a tut on her blog (see the side bar for link) on how to make a wave template, so that is where I went next. And glory be…I DID IT! Her instructions were clear, concise, and easy to follow, and she explained what all those sliders where for and the basics of setting it up and what to play with and what not to play with. I have to say that all of her tuts are like that, and I know I will be going back to see what else she has. So a big thanks to Hummie for sharing her knowledge with everyone! And I now have 1 template that I can use again and again to make wave shapes with my paper. And I am sure I will make some more. Now if someone could point me in the direction of learning how to make a page template, I would be eternally happy.

And in case I haven’t mentioned it yet, make sure you check out Scrappin HillBilly’s Blog for her awesome cover ups she created! They are just too funny and great for when you want to post a LO online, but can’t show other people’s kids or for whatever reason. Instead of blurring them out, try one of these! And she has put them on her blog as freebies, so make sure you leave some lovin’ (comments) if you download them. (again, the link is on the side.)

This next LO took me forever to finish last night, and I am not sure I will try it again for a while. At least not on something so difficult. I wanted to put the one picture of Niki and me way up in the sky…well, way up, alone, in my layout. I tried using the magic selection brush tool, but it was just too hard. I don’t know if I was doing something wrong or if it was just a difficult picture to use it on. So what I ended up doing was erasing the background manually. And let me tell you, on this it wasn’t easy. I had to zoom in, and change brush sizes many, many times. On the layout it looks pretty good, but if you zoom in…UGH! In the end, it was worth it tho, and I do like how it turned out. What do you think?

All supplies for this layout are from Jennifer M. Trippetti at SBB.

I used items from her Photoframe Basics kit
Clusters Summer kit
and her Washed Up, and Rub a Dub Tubby kit.

And I guess that is it for today. I have a couple things I need to get done, like making a page using Gina’s kit, and I am going to make myself not exactly a blinkie, but a little tag I guess, to put in my siggys so I can link to my blog. That could take a while since I want to create all my own stuff for it. So, I had better get going! Catch ya later.


WOW, lots of exciting things to share today…

The first thing is that I am writing this blog on Windows Live Writer, which I found at the Blog Carnival. This is my first post using it, so I will write later about how I like it. But it has rave reviews. The best thing so far is that I can write my post off line! There are a lot of other fun things to check out at Blog Carnival too! So be sure to check it out.

The next thing is that  I have been accepted as CT for Gina of Cre8tvlyYrs! I am so excited and can’t wait to get started. She sells her stuff at Purple Paper Flowers. So check out her store, and soon I will have some layouts posted there too. I have applied to two others, so we shall see what happens with that. I have heard back from one, so I know she got my stuff. And she will be making her decision by the 22nd. The other, I have no idea.

And now for the real wow! Well, the CT is right up there, but this was a total surprise. I am member of the week at SBB! I was just so excited when I saw that! I had to send an email to my family letting them know, lol. And a little later I am sending one to all my friends. <Big Smile> I can’t keep it to myself now, can I?

So, that is my news for the weekend. I am way behind on scrapping, so I am off to get some pages done. I guess before I go, I will show one of my latest LO’s I did for a challenge. It was way cool to do and something quite different for me. OK, having problems with this. so I will have to figure it out and come back and add the pic.


All elements by Christina Renee Designs


I was chosen by Jennifer Trippetti to be a guest CT for the month of July! When I recieved the email telling me as much, I was literally jumping up and down! I can’t even begin to describe the feeling of accomplishment I got from that. The feeling of being worthy. Of knowing that, yes, I AM good enough! As I put on my about me LO, I finally feel like an artist. And for the first time, I actually have a gallery with lots of LO’s in it! So, I can send the link to people so they can see my work. So, without further ado, here is the first LO I have completed of the 4 I need to do this month…

All Suppies for this from Jennifer M. Trippetti at SBB

You know, there have been times when I have wanted to apply to something in a scrapbook magazine, and they will want copies of LO’s I have done, and I never really had very many, or not ones I thought were good. But, now I DO! For one person I have to pick out my favorite one I have done and tell why I like it. That is so hard to do, because I like SO many of them, lol. I have done 38 this month. I joined the page a day challenge at scrapbook-bytes, and I actually DID it this past month. I was so proud of myself. I am finally, finally getting some pages done, and I am happy about that. I want to have something to leave behind to tell my grandchildren and their children, who I was and what the world was like when I was here. All the things I wish I knew about my own grandparents.

Today I was also cruising around the different sites, and found some info on how take pictures of fireworks. I am ready to give it a try at the show July 4th. I can’t wait to see how they turn out. I tried doing it last year, but from what I have read, I now know what I was doing wrong, and hopefully I should get some great shots this year. Keep your fingers crossed!

And that is all the excitement for this week so far.