A More Serious Layout

OK, first things first. There are actually 2 things I want post here, but I have to wait on one. If you haven’t seen this new awesome kit, RUN, don’t walk, to Peta’s blog and check it out! It is a great deal, but only for a limited time. I got mine while it was hot, lol.

And there is a friend of mine that has some awesome news, but I am waiting for her to post it on her blog first.

Now for the serious layout. A few weeks ago, I finally was able to see some pictures from my daughter. She has been very horrible about sending them to me, lol. But, there were a couple of them that got me to thinking. And thinking. And last night I just couldn’t sleep, for thoughts of a layout kept coming to me. So, here is the layout, with all my feelings. I think it is important to do layouts of this type to keep life real. To show our descendants that not everything was all happy and fun. Life is not like that, and neither should our scrap albums be like that.

And on that note, I leave you for now, hopefully to be back soon to post my other news. Click on layout for credits.

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