An AAM page

Not much happening here the past few days except for working at the JOB. HELLO has been driving me nuts the past couple of days. Keeps logging off and then back on…numerous times as I sit here, so I finally just turned it off for now.

I THINK I am finally getting myself a little more organized with the things I need to get done on a timely basis. The next item on my to do list is to start putting things in my calendar on google, and then of course, checking it daily, lol.That is the difficult part for me.

Once I am settled, and know I am on top of things, I am thinking of trying my hand at designing a few things. At least learning more about PSE5. Today I am working on a heritage layout and adding a posting here with some very cool news! Hopefully that will be done by tonight. And that is about it in my little part of the world.

Last but not least is the LO I made to put up at TTS for my CT page. I am not thoroughly pleased with it, and may make changes as time allows, but for now, it will do. Oh, I almost forgot…on this LO I used my own handwriting! I wrote out the things I wanted to say, scanned them, them made them into brushes and then just stamped them on my page! Very cool if you ask me. What I really want to do is a get a font made from my handwriting so I can use that. I like having that on LO’s.

Paper and elements from Little Bits kit by Peta at PickleberryPop. The same kit I was raving about a few days ago, lol.

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