I’m in a pink mood today! And probably will be for the month of September. I will post more about that in the next few days. As you can see from the side bar here, I finally figured out how to put blinkies up! As I was trying to sleep last night, it just hit me, and I was like, DUH!

And because I always wait till the last minute to do things, I have a list a mile long of things I need to get done before we head to Oshkosh to bring Niki home! But, I actually get stuff done faster this way, so maybe it is better that way, hehehe. NOT really! And I think I am even going to treat myself to a manicure too. We shall see if I have time for it or not. My nieces have made signs, and we are basically all set to go! I just hope that the Lord sees fit to allow my sister to be there too. What with the Army not telling us anything until the last minute, she may not be able to get someone to cover her at work so she can leave early. But I am praying it will happen. I know she really wants to be there.

I finished a couple layouts today. I am only posting one right now. They should both be in the Treasures to Scrap Newsletter for September. This layout is actually the first of many more I need to get done of a road trip my friend and I
took the summer of 2005. We drove out to CA from Wisconsin. We made a few stops along the way and had a great time. Our objective was to go and see her nieces. And one of them is not only an author, but a breast cancer survivor too! We stayed a couple days with her and her husband and the next few days with her sister in law. I loved meeting them, and we had a great time. Laura kept us entertained the whole time, and we had a fun day in San Francisco too. She is such a neat person! And so is her husband, and they had a lot of stories to tell about the things they have done. I would tell you more, but ya know, you should just read one of her books and find out for yourself, lol. She writes both humorous non-fiction books and novels, and both will have you laughing out loud! But anyway, this layout is a kind of tribute to her. And you will notice that I have added her link in my fav places to visit on the side there.

Layout Credits:
Cardboard border from Boxtop Borders1 by Laura Burger at Eclectic Digital Designs
All other elements and paper from Cherry Blossoms kit by Laura Burger at TTS.

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