She’s Home!!

My daughter is home! I am so happy, and yet I was so sad yesterday. Once everything settled down, and we went to pick up her car, I just started crying and couldn’t stop. I have no idea why this particular thought hit me yesterday, but it did. All of a sudden, I wanted my little girl back. She is all grown up now, and I was a soggy mess. I thought I had dealt with this when she left for Iraq, but it hit me again. It is so hard to let to go and let them live their lives, but is of course something that has to be done. But anyway, here is a picture of us hugging. It’s not the greatest picture, very blurry, but the best one I have. I always hate having to leave the picture taking to someone else, but the one I took of my Mom and her didn’t turn out much better. Matter of fact, I missed the hug totally! But it was a little dark in there, and complete chaos, lol. But it was so great to hold her in my arms again. Just an emotional day from the beginning.

There was a total of 3 cars driving up to Oshkosh to meet her. Oh but wait, I almost forgot. I have to back track to the night before. I was over at my Mom’s when my sister called and said she wouldn’t be able to make it in time, but that she would be there later in the evening, since we were all staying there over night. My aunt was coming over to stay at my Mom’s that night and about ten minutes later, I was standing at the top of her stairs, finishing up our conversation, getting ready to head home when the door opens. I look down, waiting to see my aunt’s head pop through the door, and I was about to ask her if she needed any help getting her bags upstairs, when I did a double take! It wasn’t my aunt…it was my sister! She managed to get the whole day off, and decided to drive in by us the night before to travel with us to Oshkosh. Talk about a GREAT surprise!

So, 3 cars. we were leading the way, got a little of a late start, on the phone to Niki, and she is telling us where she was, and we are realizing that we will only be about half an hour ahead of her. So, we are driving along, and for some reason, we missed a turn off. Niki’s friends that were following us, called and asked if we were going the right way, and I was like yes! well, a few minutes later we couldn’t find them, and found out they had decided to turn around and go back, because they thought we were going the wrong way. So, maybe 10 minutes later, my other sister in the another car calls and says, are you sure we are going the right way? I was like yes we are! This wasn’t the first time we had driven up there. And she says my BIL thinks we are going the wrong way. So maybe a minute later, we decide that ummm, yes we ARE going the wrong way and pull out the map to find a way to get there without having to go all the way back, which we did. But talk about nerve wracking! We had lost time, Niki was close to being there, and it seemed to be taking us forever to get there. And then she called to ask if we were going to make it, and I had to reassure her that yes we would.

We finally get there, park the car, and are walking to the hangar where it is being held, and here come the buses! So, we watched them pass us, holding up our signs, which she saw, and then RAN to the hangar so we could meet her! I had no time to set up my tripod for the video recorder, or do much of any kind of scoping out for pictures and trying them out before we wanted to take the important ones! So, I have no video, like I wanted of her home coming. And a few not so great pictures of the hugging, but, hey, we made it, and she is home, and that is all that matters! But man, our nerves were shot, lol. And that is the story of her homecoming, lol. I will be back later tonight or early tomorrow to talk about thinking pink!

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