A Self Portrait a Day

A week or so ago, I was browsing through some blogs, clicking on links and I came upon Life of Scraps. I love her blog! She has started doing a self portrait a day, and I think I am going to try this myself. Will I do it? I have no idea, but however many days of photos I get taken, will be that many more of myself, who is generally sadly lacking in most photos. I also like her site for the many tuts and ideas on taking and making better photos. Just a fun place to visit and get lost in.

So here is my very first self portrait for this. Now, it is not the best photo, for as you can see, I focused on the wrong thing, lol. But, I decided not to get too caught up in trying to get the perfect shot, and just get them. I could have tried and taken more shots, and taken half my day trying to get the perfect one, but today I decided to just go with it. I was doing my stuff at TTS and posting in the forums and such. I am at my daughter’s house, cat sitting, and I forgot my brush, so since I haven’t been to the store yet today to get one (she lives 4 hours away from my house), my hair is a mess, and I figured out of focus worked just fine, lol. And now, I am off to the store!

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