Home again, home again…

Sigh….I am finally home in my own house, and nothing planned for a while now. Since August 31, I have felt like I have been on a whirly gig. But things should slow down now, unless of course I decide to move in the next couple of months. I have realized that I don’t like being so far away from Niki. Part of me wants to move NOW, and part of me says, “give it a little time, and see how things are in a couple months.” But that is the sensible part of me, which I don’t always listen to! But I think what I will end up doing, since I lost my job, is to let a new job be the deciding factor in the move. I will apply both here in town and also where I want to move, and see where I get a job and go from there. How is that for sensible?

Anyway, this past month, being mostly up north, in the bluffs has been beautiful. The colors are awesome. Here is a card I made using one of the photos I took.Fall_Card copy Click on the photo to see credits. First time I made a digital card, and sometime this week I am going to print it out and send it to a couple people.

This past weekend I took a ton a photos. Mostly of the views I have been enjoying. The first is one on a cloudy, foggy, misty IMG_3911morning, but I loved the look of the clouds on the bluffs. Of course, once I started taking pics, my nieces wanted to do the same, so I handed the camera to them and let them take a few too. And they got some nice ones too…IMG_3941

Saturday we got to go out on the pontoon boat for one last ride. It was very chilly on the ride out…IMG_3946 IMG_3948 Which you can see by the way everyone is bundled up. But the ride back in was much nicer as the wind was at our backs, and everyone was able to take off hoods.IMG_3982

And I was able to get a few shots of the awesome scenery, or things that caught my eye…IMG_3976

IMG_3979 And this final one I liked of the sun shining on the water…IMG_3980punch I played around a little with this one and punched up the blue a little and lightened it. And now I really should go and put some of these photos into layouts! Specially the ones I got of the dog refusing to get off the boat and having to be carried off…story will be on the layout as to why *G*.

And I almost forgot….I have not been doing well with the self portrait a day. The main reason being I have been having a hard time getting decent photos of myself. I need to go and get new batteries for my remote and see if that helps. I think with that, I don’t have to focus before I go and sit in front of the camera. But we shall see. My niece did get a couple of me from this weekend, so here is one of those…sitting in the car, waiting at the gas station as everyone ran in for a bathroom break. I was ready to head home after the day spent running errands.

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