Happy Hump Day!

I think this will be a short entry today…or like the other day, it will end up being more than one. Last night I finally got a layout done using Scrappin Hillbilly Sweetpea Design’s ‘Fraidy Cat kit. When I first saw this kit, I knew exactly what I wanted to do and write about. But finding the pictures was no easy task. I didn’t realize how many boxes of photos I really had! And I thought they were organized…NOT! So here is the layout…

Niki_Halloween_Years copy


Something else I realized as I was looking for the photos…I really didn’t have very many of her through out the years dressed up. I wonder why not? Of course, there were a couple years we went through where every time I went to take a photo of her I got the hand in the face or a goofy face…so I stopped taking so many pictures of her.

That stopped when one time as she was looking at pictures, she wanted to know why there were hardly any of her. When I told her the reason, she stopped doing it, and I was then able to get better photos of her. And of course by now, she is used to having the camera in her face at all times, lol. I still occasionally get THE look in a picture, but for the most part, she is a great sport.

And while I am on the subject of my daughter…have I mentioned that she is engaged?! So, this next year will be busy with all the plans for that, and I am sure this blog will be full of the haps and tons of photos, lol. Oh, I can see her face now as I am snapping away at every conceivable moment through out the process!

Be sure to stop back later for my 3rd Fall Y’all Bloggy Give Away!

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