Pet Peeves…or grumbles…

I actually have many pet peeves…little bitty things that just absolutely drive me nuts! So today I am grumbling about the latest. Got up this morning, turned on the radio..and just went UGH! So now I have to find another one to listen to for now…and I LIKE my station! Why did I have to change it, you ask? Well, because they are playing Christmas music ALREADY! I am just not ready for that yet.


And so my grumble is about how everyone starts so early now with the Christmas stuff! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas, but man, it is just November 1st! We haven’t even had Thanksgiving yet! Let me get my thanks in before we get to the gimme…

OK, onward…Last night I finished a layout I did for We Digi-Dare Ya #59. When I read the dare, I knew exactly what photo I wanted to use, and then I started my layout with the Ad Inspiration at TTS.  Not that my LO looks much like the ad, but it is what got me started.

Who_is_That copy 


Gotta love the 80’s, lol. And now I am off to try a different radio station, because the one I landed on isn’t doing a thing for me! Have a great day everyone!

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