I am on a roll…

In the past couple of days, I have completed 5 layouts! Plus I did another self portrait…which I made into a layout, so I will share that one first. I don’t know which came first, The_Real_Me copythe idea for the layout or for the photo. But since my mind seems to be having a hard time deciding what mood it wants to be, this came about. I can always tell when I am heading towards manic because the rings come out. Which is an outward sign that I am feeling good about myself. But really don’t want to go into all that, lol. Although the up side is that I get a lot of layouts done! I did a better job with the self portrait photos..maybe because I used my laughing Elmo to focus on before I ran in front of the camera! Poor Elmo got shoved out of the way.

Here is one I did using the November template from Di Hickman at TTS. Since the first time I visited my sister across the state, I have wanted to take a ride downJulia_Swain copy the Mississippi on a steam boat. While researching the logistics of this, I
may have to amend it and maybe just do one leg of the trip on a steam boat, and rent a house boat for the rest. The cost for all 3 legs of the journey is ummm, just a little bit much!

This next one I did using 3 of my favorite photos of Niki from when we went to Sea World. From the time she was 4 or so, she has loved the Manatees, dolphins, sting rays, and all manner of sea life. And these photos just seem to capture that love.Niki_and_the_Dolphin copy I am thinking of making this one on a canvas and hanging it up. The pictures always make me smile. I can never decide how I want to put the credits for my layouts on here..so for today, since there are 3 of them, just click here.

And before I leave, I have to continue my grumble from yesterday. I am not happy, because I can’t seem to find a station that is appealing to me. I like popular music I guess, but I abhor rap, and finding a station that plays artists like Rob Thomas, Michael Bubble, and the like and doesn’t put me to sleep or make me irked with rap has not been easy….and I continue with the quest.

I have to add this link to Azrood’s Blog. Oh heavens what a day she had! HUGS to you!

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