OK,I have a million and one things I should be doing, but here I sit, surfing blogs. I have been laughing and crying for the last hour! I came across this preview for Alvin and the Chipmunks, at Bunny Cates blog. Let me start by telling you that the Christmas album I have from them has been mine and my daughter’s fave for many years, so when I saw the preview for this movie, I was on the phone to tell her about it. So, I snagged the YouTube preview from her. Thanks Bunny! It looks hilarious! Check it out.

Then I stopped at My Digital Universe blog, and this days post had me ROLLING! I have cats, and can so relate to this! Next stop was Sherry’s blog, My Collective Life. I am catching up on them all, so have gone back a lot of days on some…and this days entry had me rofl….Sherry has such a way with words, and just about every entry puts a smile on my face. But in this one she writes about her mouth being numb…not fun, but made me laugh all the same. 🙂

But my first stop of the day was at Trevor’s Treasures blog. What an amazing community digi scrappers and designers are! The new charity kit, Trevor’s Treasures is now out! It is amazing in size, over 2 gigs! Check it out here, and read about how it came about. You can see the kit and purchase it here. The new digi store at TTS is awesome! Downloads are sooo much faster now! Which is great, since Trevor’s Treasures is so HUGE! Yep, I got mine last night.

Last thing for the day before I get moving and do the next couple of layouts I need to get done. Oh, and that reminds me….note to self…print layouts as I make them…don’t wait till the end of the year and print them all out at once! I am a little worried my printer is
going to go out on me in response to all the work I am putting it through trying to get all the layouts I want printed for albums I am giving this year as gifts. Sigh…crossing fingers here. Not that it has been giving me problems, but ya know, with my luck and all…. But I digress…here are a couple layouts I did recently with 2 awesome kits.

The first is using the December Treasure Chest at TTS. This is an awesome kit, and you will be using it way past Christmas! And it is 25% off until December 14th.

Next one I used the Winter Wonderland kit from World Scrapping Tour. It is another awesome kit that is huge! Check it out here and find out how you can get this kit.

I hope you have fun checking out the blogs and have a great day! Except for TTS, I have no affiliation with any of the blogs I posted. Just random ones I have visited and wanted to share.

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