My new Mantra

As I was out and about today, constantly thinking of pictures to take for both groups I joined at Flickr, and constantly debating with myself on whether or not I should take this pic or this one, etc., I suddenly realized one thing. Just take the darn picture! So that is my mantra now, just take it! I can always delete it, but I can never get the same thing I saw when I was debating with myself on whether or no to take it. Such a simple thing, you would think wouldn’t be a problem, but today it was.

Here are my 2 photos today. The first is the self portrait as I sat in the car before heading back in from errand running. Who would have thought it would be so hard to take a photo of yourself in the mirror? My hope is that in a month or 2 I will be better at taking the darn things. Or at least start liking them, lol. I was so enjoying the sun today. I miss the sun during the winter when it decides to hide for days on end. One of the places I stopped today was the camera store. I needed new batteries for my remote control and since I was there, I picked up a couple lens covers, since I had mis-placed them. I take them off to use the camera and they just seem to disappear. She also looked at my camera because I was wondering if maybe it needed a cleaning, which it didn’t! And to find out how to clean the lens that got soda on it…ugh! Luckily it was determined that I didn’t have to send it in and pay upwards of $60.00 to clean it. I can do it myself at home.

This next one is for the photo a day group at Flickr. I wasn’t sure I wanted to join this group until I read the tips on how to get started and ideas on what to take. One of the ideas was to snap a photo of something about the day that will remind you of it. And since that fit into my journaling goal perfectly, I decided I might as well give that one a go too. Now, I have no idea exactly why I decided on this photo, except that it shows a partial collection of shoes, and which ones I wear more this time of year. A lot of the ones out will be put away once the weather gets warmer again. When I print the photo to put on my calendar (my visual journal goal) I will most likely crop it to just show my new winter boots I got this year…which I love! Again, something my daughter laughed at when she saw them, lol. We have such completely different tastes in things. It’s just a good thing I don’t get offended when she laughs at me and the things I wear! As I have told her as she grew up….it doesn’t matter what other people think, as long as you like it, that’s all that matters. She just loves to tease me. Now, see this is a wonderful example of what a photo can do. It brings out thoughts and memories.

Lastly, here is layout I did using Di Hickman’s template. Check out her blog for more examples and to find the template. She also has some wonderful card templates! I am hoping this year to get my daughter’s album complete of her time in Iraq.

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