Harder than I thought

I have been trying to do the self portrait and photo a day. While I have been taking some photos…I am not doing so great at the every day thing…sigh. Posting them every day I also have been lax on. But, it is a work in progress, so I am not giving up. I think I will just give myself permission to just do what I can and not stress over what I can’t. SO in that vein, here is what I have done so far. Now I warn you, the photos are not the greatest, and they are not all fashion pics. I am going with what I want to record and remember, and they will end up in my journal or my calendar. And I have had no time to really play with them in photoshop yet except to crop. So without further ado…here are some of the ones I have taken so far.

IMG_4211 copy  IMG_4223 crop

Not eating like I should, lol.                               I turned 45

IMG_4239 copy4x6 Reading up on my camera

IMG_4267 copy Doing the measure thing..started walking..woo hoo!

IMG_4260 copy I was going to take this down since Niki is home now…I don’t have to, and in the end I decided not to yet. I kind of like the silhouette affect of this one.

IMG_4278 copy One of the pics from my photo shoot. Not the best, but I liked this one.


And that is all I am going to bore you with today. Hope your day is a good one!

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