Birthdays, a huge toot, and lots of news…

Wow, I can’t believe it has been so long since my last post…so much for being better at that, lol.

Yesterday my baby turned 24! Where did the time go? Seems like just the other day I was holding this little baby in my arms. Here is a layout I did about the passing of time. It passes all too quickly. She is now back in school after being away for over a year in Iraq, has moved across the state, and is planning a wedding for this August.
Next up is my niece. I did a layout the other day to start off an album I will be doing for her, but most of it will be done after she returns from England this summer. Yes, she is going to England at the age of 13. She is going with the People to People, Student Ambassador program which she was accepted to this past October after being nominated by one her teachers. This has been and will be an awesome experience for her! She has been doing bake sales, fund raisers, raffles,talking to business groups, sending letters out, and selling candy bars to raise the money for the cost of this trip. She has been working very hard and as of this date has raised almost the entire amount needed to pay for this. And she found out the other day that her chaperon has nominated her for a scholarship that if she gets it, will give her the rest of the money needed, plus some spending money. Why is she being nominated? Because her chaperon said that my niece is the only one she has known to raise the money all on her own. Usually there is a group of kids from one area and they do fund raisers and other stuff together, but all the others in her group have dropped out. She has been working so hard to raise this money because that is the only way she would have been able to go, as the family does not have that kind of money to spare. I couldn’t be prouder of her..for everything she has accomplished!

Now onto business. Check out this awesome new Treasure Chest full of papers and elements in a wonderful color palette. Today is the last day you can get it at a 25% discount!
You can see it in action in this months Treasured Times. It is an awesome newsletter this month, and there is a QP, mini kit and a printable calendar for you to download, so check it out. Also, there is lots of fun in the Treasures to Scrap forum with the Spring Fling going on all month.

And that is it for me today and I think that is enough, lol. All images are clickable and will take you to credits or the respective areas. Until next time…which will be after I get back from my little trip to Virginia. I am leaving this weekend for about 10 days. My uncle is retiring from the Navy after 30 years and I will be seeing lots of family.