She is now in England!!

Yesterday we all went to the airport to see my niece off on her grand adventure this summer. I just have to say how proud I am of her once again!! They called last night around 1:30 AM to say that they were now on england soil and ready to start their day there. (It was about 7:30 AM there, I sure hope my niece slept on the plane, lol.) If you want to see what the whole thing is all about and why I am so proud of her, check out this link, second paragraph.

I went a little nuts and took 35 photos of her and her chaperon/mom for the duration, at the airport, lol. I won’t post them all, but but here are a few. Frames by Doreen Stolz.
leaving home for the first time.
in her official people to people outfit.
checking in.

Steph and Barb, her “mom” for the trip.
saying goodbye.

And to post my layout I was trying to post last week. Thought it was a blogger problem, but it was a ‘me’ problem, lol. Layout links to credits.


Great News!

I made it on Gabs CT!!! I am soooo excited! And the big secret? Check out the sticky above. Gabs and the team will be promoting a new, new kit every week and the only place to purchase this kit during that week is on Gabs Blog. So if you are a designer and need some promotion, check out her blog and get in contact with her!

Been Scrapping…and check out how to get a free kit!

I am actually getting some scrapping done lately! I did a couple challenges and had fun playing with my photo on the second one. The first one I did for a chance to win a free kit from Cinnamon Designs, using a free kit you can find on Evitangels Blog. Why is she offering this free kit?? Well, Gabs is celebrating 15,000 visitors to her blog since Oct of 2007!! Isn’t that awesome? It’s a great kit too! So once you are done here, hop on over to Evitangels Blog and check it out!! Anyway, here is that layout. All layouts link to credits.

And the second one I did for a challenge at Oscraps for the Designer Spotlight with TaylorMade Designs. I did a close crop and a high contrast on the photo. I think it turned out pretty good! OK, guess I will have to come back later and post this other one as blogger is giving me a hard time.

Whoaa! Where has the time gone?

I guess I will start out updating from my last post. While my niece did not get the scholarship, she does have all the money raised that she needs to pay for her trip. WTG!! And I know we will still be adding to that before she goes, for spending money. She got a digi camera for her birthday, so hopefully she will take lots of pics while she is there. Been pounding it into her head, lol.

My trip to Virginia was awesome!! I am definitely going to have to go back in
warmer weather when I can actually go in the ocean and lay out on the beach. And with all the photos I took, I have only completed 4 pages so far, but I am still working on them. But here are the ones I have completed so far. They are clickable and will take you to see the credits.

This first one shows my nieces and sister on Virginia Beach. While it was about
60 degrees, and way to cold to go in the water, they just had to stick their toes in the ocean, lol.

This next page shows a ceremony they did at my uncles retirement from the Navy that I found awesome to watch. There was a member representing each stage of his time in the navy, and while a passage was read about the flag and all it has been through reprenting this great nation, the flag was passed from one to the other, and each one saluted the flag before passing it, until it reached my uncle. It was just a wonderful thing to see and hear.Then another one from Virginia Beach where they have this HUGE statue of Neptune.And this last one was taken at the party after the ceremony. I still need to change the photo in it before printing because in this one I am only half there, lol. But at the time, that was the only one I had.

I have done other layouts of other things also, but I will save those for another day, which will hopefully be much sooner than it took me to get back here and post this time, lol.

I have actually been in a kind of slump, just doing my CT obligations and that is about it. So for this month I have decided to give myself a goal of creating 3 layouts a week. This will hopefully get me going and bring me out of this lack of creativity. One can only hope, lol.

We have been busy this past month doing wedding stuff. Since I have the know how of doing basic calligraphy, I got nominated to address the little over 100 invites. I personally do not think it is that good, but they like it, so there I was doing that while everyone else put them all together. Not as young as I used to be, so I had to take a few breaks every now and then to rest my hand, lol. And since I have learned digi scrapping, I also got nominated to make the shower invites! They figured I could come up with something that was much better than
anything we could buy. So this is what I came up with for that, and I have to say, I rather like it. Now to get them printed and addressed.

This month is TTS birthday month and we have so many fun games and chats planned with a kick off chat on June 8th at 8 pm EST. So come if you can!! The June digi edition of the newsletter came out today and there are quite a few freebies in it so be sure to check that out also. You can see it here. And this is the last layout I am posting today to show you, which is in the newsletter as a QP freebie. I used the June Treasure Chest.

Here is little preview of the kit and then I am off for today. Grab while it is on sale! It is finally a beautifully warm day here and I plan on enjoying it! Have a great day!!