She is now in England!!

Yesterday we all went to the airport to see my niece off on her grand adventure this summer. I just have to say how proud I am of her once again!! They called last night around 1:30 AM to say that they were now on england soil and ready to start their day there. (It was about 7:30 AM there, I sure hope my niece slept on the plane, lol.) If you want to see what the whole thing is all about and why I am so proud of her, check out this link, second paragraph.

I went a little nuts and took 35 photos of her and her chaperon/mom for the duration, at the airport, lol. I won’t post them all, but but here are a few. Frames by Doreen Stolz.
leaving home for the first time.
in her official people to people outfit.
checking in.

Steph and Barb, her “mom” for the trip.
saying goodbye.

And to post my layout I was trying to post last week. Thought it was a blogger problem, but it was a ‘me’ problem, lol. Layout links to credits.

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