Time Flies!

Hard to believe that in less than a week, my niece will be home from her trip! We got an email from her yesterday and she informed us that she DID do the rappelling down the side of a castle. She wasn’t sure she really wanted to do that, lol. But she did, she went despite the fact that she was “very scared!” as she said in her email. I am so proud of her! Today and the next day she is doing the home stay with a family, so she will get a tiny taste of real life over there. And then on Monday she will be home. I can’t wait to hear all about it.

I made another layout using Balance is Beautiful. My beautiful, outgoing, truly her own person, daughter, lol. This is from her 21st birthday which she celebrated in Las Vegas.

I have quite a few other photos of the same time, and would like to use them to do another page to go with this one, but I can’t get the red eye out. For some reason the remover tool in PSE is not working on these photos and I am not sure why. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. I would really like to use those photos, but the red eye is just horrible! Talk about demon looking, lol.

Well, it is officially summer here in Wisconsin. The heat and humidity is getting up there and I turned on my air a couple days this week for the first time. It is off now, but may be turned on again today, lol. We are busily getting last minute things done for the wedding which is in about 4 weeks now. My poor daughter is just ready for it to be over now. She really wanted to just go to Florida or the Bahamas or somewhere like that and get married on the beach, but that was thrown out in the beginning. The things we do for the men we love, lol. I found a dress, ordered it, and have it in my possession, found some shoes, my Mom has a necklace and ear rings I can wear, so I am just about set. Still need to find a little purse and maybe an over the shoulder wrap in case I get chilly in the air conditioning, which I doubt I will, but you just never know.

And this all reminds me of a layout I have been wanting to do for ages now and will probably get to after the wedding. If I can get a picture of my daughter wearing the necklace. My Great Grandma had a necklace that her husband gave her for a gift on their wedding. And through the years all the women in the family have worn that necklace when they get married. My grandma, my aunts, my mom, my sisters, me, and now Niki. The necklace is entrusted to the eldest daughter in each generation, which means me some day, and then Niki. My Mom just got it a few years ago herself. On my wedding, that is the necklace I wore so it was visible, although with my sisters, they wore it pinned inside their dresses. I think Niki is going to do the same thing and pin it inside her dress. It is a gold filigree type heart necklace with amethysts and pearls in the flowers and leaves. So this is something I want to put down, again once I have a few more photos and make sure I have the correct story on how it came to be in the family, though I am pretty sure I have it right. I find these kind of stories, along with the every day things the ones we need to have around for future generations. And on that note, I am done for today. Have a great weekend!

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