In the past few weeks since my last post I have lots of news. First off, my daughter got married! She is a Mrs. now and I have a son-in-law. He is just the best and makes her happy and that is all I can ask for. The wedding was perfect and the day beautiful and they were just thrilled to have so many of their family and friends come for this big day. I will just share a couple pics here and then the layouts as I make them. I just wanted to enjoy the day with my daughter, so I decided I wasn’t going to take to many pics and I didn’t, leaving it up to everyone else and the photographer. So here are a few I have. My sister was up on the hill behind and off to the side of the photographer, so she got a few nice ones for the most part. For some reason she kept cutting people out or off, lol.

4 Generations

Niki with me, her G-ma, and my sisters.

Then we added her Uncle, who gave her away.

And one with groom.

And just one I like of Niki and her cousin, the flower girl.

The area where the wedding was held was a little walk away from the building, so they had golf carts to take guests that couldn’t make the walk and then one each for the attendants. They timed it so there was a little room between each cart as they drove to the spot where they would all park and then line up to walk down the isle. And while they were all getting out of the carts and lining up, then my BIL drove Niki down and pulled off to the side so she was out of sight pretty much. It was really nice looking actually and quite different. These photos are from the rehearsal and not as lined up as they were on the actual day, but it will give you an idea of what it is was like.

Onto my other news. If you check out my sidebar on the left you will see I have been accepted on a few more CT’s. I am so excited to be working with Kelly Mickus, Amanda Kay, and Armina Designs. I was trying to link their blinkies with their stores, but it isn’t working. Can anyone tell me how to do that? And in the coming months I have a couple different guest spots so watch for those also. And now I am off to start creating some layouts. Have a great day!