It’s a Birthday!!

Good Morning! You have arrived at stop # 27 on the ScrapMatters Birthday Blog train! You are now in Wisconsin, USA.

But before I get to the freebie, I want to tell about what we do in our family for birthdays. Even though we are all pretty much grown up, I do have 2 nieces that are still in the party age group, we all generally get together on the Sunday after the person’s birthday and have dinner which the bday person has chosen and then cake and ice cream and of course gifts. We have a cake that is a favorite of the bday person, usually it is the same, but some years it changes, especialy for me. I love Danish Layer cake with whipcream frosting. But that is a kind of exspensive deal, and most times I like my Mom’s home-made ones just as much. for those of you that have no idea what a Danish Layer cake is…once you try it, I bet you will love it as much as I do, lol. We live in a city that had a big Danish community way back when, so we still have a lot of Danish bakeries around here. Anyway, it is a yellow cake with strawberry and custard inbetween the layers, and there is 3 layers. YUMMMM!

So it is a pretty simple get together with whatever family is here at the time, and sometimes we have everyone here, which is of course the best! There is laughter, kidding, eating, talking, and just a great time with family.

One more thing before the freebie…there will be a chat tomorrow, Saturday, with lots of give-aways and fun games. Here for the info on that. So be sure to stop in and have some virtual cake with us and PART-TAY!! And in case you didn’t know, the pages in this blog train brag book give-away are all created with the awesome collab kit you can get free with a $10.00 purchase in the store. And let me tell you, it is awesome!

OK, so here is my page without any further ado. Just click on the image to DL. And have a great weekend! And then click on the link to continue on your stops around the world. Remember that some people are in a different time zone, so if they don’t have their page up yet, just come back a little later.

Happy Birthday ScrapMatters!!


It’s a Speed Scrap!

Mark your calendars for tomorrow night everyone! There is a speed scrap at Scrap Matters, and let me tell you, they are fun, fun, fun! And a great way to get a layout finished. Click the image to find out more info.

Here is a page a did at the last one I attended. I missed the deadline to get it posted and get the awesome participation gift, because I was too busy chatting last time, lol. But it was fun anyway.Credits

Hope to see you there!


Been doing some hybrid stuff lately and just loving it! Next week I will be posting a calendar but for now here is a candle I made which turned out awesome if I do say so myself, lol. For directions on how to do this, click here. I used Enchantment kit by Britt-ish Designs at ScrapMatters.

The next thing I made was a little keyplate album for my neice with a few of her photos from her trip. I put it in a slide show because there are quite a few pics of it showing the whole thing. I used the template set by ChrissyW and today it is only $1!! You can’t beat that! And I used BBF Collab by ChrissyW and Angie Kovaks at Elemental Scraps. I think it turned out gorgeous. I even cut out my own album from chipboard because I didn’t have that album.