Another Blog Train!

Good Morning! And welcome to Wisconsin! Today is the day, and you won’t want to miss one stop on this here train…it is chock full of some amazing holiday printables! Everyone has worked hard to bring you some amazing stuff, so when you visit the blogs and start downloading, don’t forget to leave some thanks.

Before I tell you one of my favorite Christmas traditions, I want to remind you of the Black Friday Sale going on at Scrap Matters. After you have all the freebies be sure and check out the shop. Image is linked to the ScrapMatters shop.

One of my favorite things every Christmas is the stockings. I have loved digging into those every year. Always something small and fun inside and always in the toe is an orange. And even now, at 45 y/o I still love it! After our individual families have had their Christmas morning, we head over to my Mom’s for the day. And she has the stockings lined up in front of the tree, in front off the presents. Each one geared for the recipient. Mine is a snowman design because I like them, my SIL’s a Camouflage design because he is a hunter, and so on. And yes, my Mom makes them up for everyone! So as everyone starts arriving, there are now 8 stockings lined up, waiting for everyone to arrive and get situated, so we can dive in, lol.

And in our house, it wouldn’t be complete without a few pairs of underwear stuffed inside. One year she decided not to put that in there, and we were all just a tad disappointed, and the following year, they were back, lol. Sometimes a necklace or ear rings, a CD, some body soap, all sorts of fun little treats to be found inside those stockings, which is why I think I have always loved them so much. And yes, we also make one up for my Mom, lest you think us heartless, lol.

OK, ok, you came here for a freebie huh?? So I will get to it. I have a couple treat toppers, and cone shaped ornament or treat holders for you. The treat toppers I think you all know what to do with…print ’em out and fold and staple onto a baggie filled with treats. The cone ornaments, and I am so sorry I don’t have a completed one yet to show you, but print them up, shape them into a cone and adhere closed along the edge. I like to put ribbon or wire hangers atached to the top on the sides and maybe a little jingle bell or tassle hanging from the bottom, and then you can fill them with treats and hang them. Or you can fill with some stuffing and have some sort of decoration coming out the top. I have one I left plain for you to add all sorts of scrap supplies to the outside. Some tags, or brads, bling, whatever suits your fancy! And then you hang them on the tree as ornaments. Sometime today or tomorrow I will have finished making mine up and will take photos and post them here. I hope to anyway. I have had the hardest time finding matte photo paper to print them on. Still haven’t found any yet, but I have decided to just try using something else for now. Yeah, yeah, I am in a ‘talkative’ mood today, lol….so finally, thanks for hanging in with me, here it is. Just click on the image to download. And thanks for stopping by! I hope your Thanksgiving was fab!

Next up on the train is Kim and you can find her post at the following link.

And if you missed anyone, you can check back at the ScrapMatters Blog.
And remember everyone is in different time zones, so if they haven’t posted yet, just check back a little later. Have a great weekend!!


A Challenge Between Friends

My friend Kate has decided to challenge herself, and asked me if I wanted to join in on it, and I jumped at it. We are both on a few CTs and most of our layouts use the products just from them, which is not a bad thing, but we also find lots of freebies and still purchase kits from other designers and those kits tend to sit on our hard drives gathering dust. So our challenge to ourselves is every day we scrap and do layouts or whatever for CTs, we are going to also make something using a freebie or a kit we have purchased. We started yesterday and we each met our challenge. Go us!! I can’t post my CT stuff that I worked on yesterday, for that you will have to come back on Friday, as it will be a freebie! I can post my non-CT layout, which is also going to be a calendar topper for the one I am making for my family this year. This one is Januarys. Two down, 10 to go, lol. And if you’d like to check out the beautiful layouts Kate did, check out her blog, Life In My Zoo. Image is linked for credits.

I woke up this morning to see the trees all covered in white. Our first real snow of the year! I always love the first snow, the first real blizzard/storm, and of course I always hope for snow on Christmas, although that doesn’t always happen. But right now, the traffic is muted, and during the night the snow has covered everything in a white blanket. Unfortunately I am assuming it will all be gone by Wednesday evening, when I have decided to go out and take some pics of the lights downtown. And I will only be doing that if I can find my charger for my camera battery. It HAS to be around here somewhere. I am hoping anyway, because it’s around $60.00 to replace it and I want to be positive it’s not here before I go out and spend that much money. I could always use my point and shoot camera, it does fit on the tripod and I can go manual with it, but I know how to work my DSLR and I like using that for playing and trying new things. And the big plus is I have a remote for it, so I don’t have to set it up and then run to get in place for the ones I want to be in, lol.

Have you ever been to the Photo JoJo site? It’s a fun and informative blog with info about taking pictures, setting up a mini studio, and everything in between. My favorite so far is how to make an extender that is light and folds up, so I can put my camera up high and take a shot looking down on something. I have yet to it but it’s on my list of things to do. First on my list is to put together the mini studio. I have been making quite a few hybrid things lately, and trying to get good photos in my home is next to impossible. At least I don’t like them and I want to be able to show them off to the best. So, if I don’t have to go and get a new charger, I am going to get the supplies for that and have my b/f help me construct it. Hopefully I will have that done by the end of December, if not sooner. Oh, and that just reminded me of something I NEED to put on my Christmas list for this year. Now I just have to find out what it is called, but it is that tripod thingy that can wrap around anything so I can carry it around and take a photo anywhere! Guess it is time for me to check out Photo JoJo and find out what it is called, lol.

Hope everyone has a great week!

Some gifts

I have a couple things to show you today. I have been busy creating gifts for the family as you know. I am working on a book/journal/album for my niece. I will probably do that same for my other niece. Can’t do one and not the other, lol. I was planning on doing something different for each one, but then thought, what if the other one likes what the other got better? So, I am going to make the same things. Just different color schemes.

Here are a couple pics of what I have done so far. I got the idea and the ring binder mechanism from Janet Hopkins on her blog It’s All in the Details. So far I have used kits from Alma Townsend for this one. Pretty Birdy, Awesome You, and Brighter Tomorrows.

The other items I made are posted on the ScrapMatters Blog for the reNEWit project. It’s a sort of altered book, but just the outside. I will post one of the pics here, and you can check out the instructions at ScrapMatters Blog here. There are 2 different types I did. Two more gifts done! Hope you enjoy these ideas today. All are actually quite easy to do and the altered book frames only took me a night to do. The other book is even better! So be sure to check it out!

Have a great day!

I am so excited!!

This morning is all about scrapping! And I am just so excited! Why? Well, because my name is up in lights! So to speak anyway, lol. Last month I made a little luggage tag album for Kelley Mickus to go along with her collab Zoom, Zoom, Zoom. I was just making it as a freebie for her to go with her grand re-opening, but she put it in her shop too! How awesome is that?

And then late last month I got on Dianne Rigdon’s CT, and I just finished up making a Thanksgiving hybrid project with her new kit Well Worn, which is awesome by the way! And it is in the shop today! I am just so beside myself with pride…that is allowed isn’t it?? Of course, they both did all the hard work creating the gorgeous kits, and Dianne had the templates for some of the stuff, like the fry box, so all I had to do was have fun playing with it all. But it is just so exciting seeing your name along with their’s. So, ya wanna see? Gonna show you anyway, lol. Images are linked to the products.

And, the Well Worn Thanksgiving Hybrid kit is on sale, so get it now and decorate your table this Thanksgiving. I am going to print them out and let my nieces put them together and write the names on the place cards. And I think maybe a couple of the fry boxes, so the families can write things they are thankful for on the cards, and add to them through out the year. And of course, they will love doing the napkin rings.

And now I have another layout I did yesterday too. I used Kiki Halbert Designs, Amethyst Nights. It has some awesome, gorgeous, deep purple papers with lots of texture. And since purple is one of my nieces favorite color, it was perfect to do a page about her birthday earlier this year. She was just so embarrassed when everyone sang to her in the restaurant.

Love the expression on her face! And that is it for today. Or I may come back, who knows, lol. Back to packing and purging. Have a great day!

Oh, and make sure you check back on Thursday, I have an awesome hybrid project to share with you all that makes a wonderful gift!

Small boxes, Fish Fry and Mozzarella Sticks

I actually got some packing done today. I hate packing. It’s worse than getting dental work done for me. But this time I promised myself, I am NOT waiting till the last minute and then running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off. Have you ever wondered where that saying comes from? Do chickens really run around after their heads are cut off? Anyway, back to the packing. After many times going through this, and people complaining that I pack my boxes too heavy, I have learned to start out with smaller boxes. But it seems even that does not help, lol. I have been packing my books, craft books, and scrapping and misc specialty soft covers and the boxes are about 12″ by 18″.

As small as they are, I can hear them now as they help me move them…I don’t know why or how, but they are still heavy. But then my theory was, less trips with bigger boxes, ya know? And besides, have you ever watched men move? “oh these aren’t heavy.” and so they stack up box on box to…and what did I just say was my theory..oh yes, because then they don’t have to make as many trips. And of course now that I am older, and so are the people that help me move, I worry every single time they do that, waiting to be the one that made their backs go out. Me, after 2 back surgeries, I make the trips.

And this time, I have to differentiate between which boxes will be going with me, and which boxes will be going into storage. I am thinking most will go with me, but some will be going into storage with my bigger items. No sense in moving them up there with me and putting them in storage just to decide that I am moving back here and having to take it all back with me. So, that stuff will stay here until such time I decide on where I will go when the year is up.

Sigh…have you ever read The Creative Junkie Blog? I love her blog, She is funny, straight from the heart, and a great read. And when my blog grows wants to be just like her’s. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed!

I went to my sister’s for fish fry tonight. I love fish fries, and it’s even better from there because it is fish my nieces and BIL have caught on their fishing trips to MN. Little perch, that my BIL has painstakingly gutted and all that fun stuff guys love to do, and recently even my nieces have been helping with that part
now. But I have a problem now, every time I go out for a good fish fry, later that night and all the next day I am miserable. I don’t know why this has suddenly started happening. Can’t possibly be because I am older. I mean, I have been this age for a whole year now, why now?? So needless to say, as I entered their house I said, you realize if I get an upset tummy, this will mean no more fried fish for me. And my so nice BIL said, ya know I can just wrap some up in foil and cook it up on the grill. I declined. I guess I like misery, I am just not ready to give up a staple in my diet of a really good fish fry. But, as I write this at 1:30 AM, so far, so good. But it in my life, things like that like to make me THINK I am safe, and then wham…hahahaha, got ya!

Earlier this year, in April, I had some cysts removed from my ovary and the uterine burning to get rid of fybroids. In doing my reading beforehand, I learned that 80% of women that have this done, don’t have periods any more. But I also know my body. Whatever small chance there is of something happening or not, I am in that small percentage. So every month that goes by, I thank God that I am still in that 80% this time, and I have not had a period since then. But if you look in my bathroom cabinet, you will still see all the personal hygiene us woman have to have. I just know, as soon as I decide to give what I have to my sister or someone, can’t let it go to waste, that stuff is not cheap! I JUST KNOW, as soon as I do that…HAHAHAHA…fooled ya!! So anyway, I am hopping this fried fish thing is a passing thing and I can still eat it.

Like the year I ate like 5, yes I am a pig sometimes, mozzarella sticks. We always go to my Mom’s house Christmas eve for horse derves…hehehe, I am too lazy right now to look up the correct spelling of that. And that particular year she tried a new brand of moz sticks, and they were awesomely good, so I pigged out on them. I remind you here that I live alone. And so does my Mom, although that night my other sister had come to town for the big day and was staying in the extra room at her house. Late that night, I had THE worst and first time really, heartburn. I am in pain, really big pain, the am I having a heart attack pain. So at 2 AM I am in my car heading to Walgreens to pick up some heartburn stuff, because really I am sure that is all it is. Then I went for a drive because every time I went over a bump in the road, I felt slightly better. I know, weird..but that is me. I went driving and actually looked for bumpy streets to drive down. I finally get home and about 2 hours later, I am thinking as the pain is stilll there, what if I am having a heart attack? I am all alone, and who will be able to call 911 or get me to the hospital? I sure don’t want someone coming over here on Christmas morning and finding me dead on the floor. So, I gather my stuff together, and head over to my Mom’s. I have a key, so I went in silently and laid on the couch trying to sleep. Just knowing that there was someone there with me that I could holler to, made me feel safer. Didn’t help the pain any. And then on one of my trips to the bathroom, I scared the hell out of my Mom and almost gave HER a heart attack. She thought at first it was my sister, but my shadow was bigger…

But then she went into her pharmacy and got me something else to try which helped a lot. Needless to say, IF I have a mozarella stick again, it is ONE. I had heartburn for months after that, and I even went as far as writing down everything I ate to see what was causing it, and then poof, it went away. So, after taking you all so far off course here, I am hoping it will be the same with the fish. One can dream. I dread the day I may have to stop eating spicy food.

And I will leave you with a layout I did yesterday and a card. I got the chance to work with this beautiful kit, O Holy Night, by Connie Prince. She had a one kit call and she let me play. I loved the blue and white together.

Have great Monday!

A Little Rambling

I don’t know what happened, I used to journal every day, but now I can’t even keep up with my blog, and as far as journaling in my paper journal…forget it, it has been months and months…maybe even a year since I last put pencil to paper. And I so need to get back to that, I feel an emptiness in my life without that journal getting filled with all the day to day stuff. And I miss playing with my art supplies to create visual pages. SO, I guess it is time to start setting aside a little window of me time and get back to that. Maybe start out slowly and aim for once a week. As for blogging, I need to start doing that every day, and there are reason for that, including one I am not all that happy about, more anxious than anything.

The reasons? My daughter and son in law will be leaving for Iraq for a second tour this coming year. They will be leaving the area in January, and I don’t know, but sometime in April or May they will be leaving the country. While I know a little of what to expect this time around, it is still going to be a nerve wracking year, full of worry. I know in my heart that God will watch over them, but the worry still creeps in. And of course I hate not being able to just call her up and talk, or take a weekend and go visit them. I miss not being able to hug her or see her in person for so long.

So anyway, the last time they were in Iraq I tried myspace to try and keep her up to date on the happenings around here, but that didn’t go so well, I hardly ever updated in the journal area there, so I want to do it more this coming year while they are gone, and I will do that here. And then there are other family members that I should send this link to so they can keep up too. And lastly, my responsibilities to my CT’s. I should be posting my layouts all the time. For them and also for the family, besides words, my layouts usually show what is going on in my life and with my family. SO…I am starting now, today, to get something posted every day…even if it is just a few words or a layout. Now to decide on
a time to do that, and DO IT! I am thinking I will have a couple friends try and help me out by asking me, ‘did you blog today?” LOL. So if you check my blog and don’t see an updated post…give me holler and tell me to get on the ball! I know Hummie is good at leaving me a comment every now and then when it has been a while since I updated…thanks Hummie!

I am going to plop a layout here in the middle of my post. I did this one for Digi Dare #108 and it was just the perfect dare at this time in my life. At first I was going to do it on my Mom, and I think I will still do one about her being my hero, but I went with my daughter this time. All images are linked.

Last time she went to Iraq, she lived in an apartment here in the same city as me, and she decided to put everything in storage and then find a new place once she got home. She has 3 cats, and we had to split them up within the family because we all have 2 and 5 total would have been a bit much. Now she is married, has a great place, and doesn’t want to put her animals through that again. And she wants to be able to come back and be able to really come home to her own place, not live with someone while she looks. So, I am moving the end of December to stay at her place and take care of everything for them. I just live in a studio apartment and I still have my 2 cats, but her place is much bigger and I will have one of my sister’s staying there too, so it will be easier for me to just move out there. And I don’t have a bunch of stuff really, how can you in a small place like I have? I pretty much plan on coming back here, my Mom, my other sister, husband and nieces live here. I am thinking I will miss not being so close to them all. But who knows what the future holds. So for the next month I am going to be busy packing and getting most of my stuff up there. I think the big things I will put in storage here, maybe in my sister’s basement, but I don’t think she has room, lol.

And what else have I been doing in the scrapping area? Making presents! I have quite a few in progress and a couple done, so I will also be busy doing that this next month. I want to get them all done by this time next month. And I have been busy creating layouts and hybrid stuff. I am even starting to do a few hybrid layouts, which is harder for me to do than anything else, but I am getting the hang of it…or at least figuring out HOW I like to do hybrid layouts. I do most of it digitally and add accents from my paper stash. And I am finding that I like to use templates for hybrid. I can print out the main part, then hide that and print out other parts so I can layer with things that aren’t digital with the digital. Here is my latest, and you can see how I did that.

I printed out the photo strip on the left separately and put it on top of the swirl. Plus I was able to write on it with my own handwriting, which I sometimes miss doing. Of course, if I ever sat down and finished doing my own font and sending it back in to Darcy Baldwin, I could put my own handwriting on digi layouts too.

I have also been doing some challenges from Get Digi With It and Scrap Matters. You should check them out, they have some great challenges. Here are a couple of those.The first one is for the everyday magic challenge at Scrap Matters. The second one was for the paper 2 digi challenge at Get Digi With It.

And this last layout I just had to show my funky hats, the large photo showing my new one, lol.

And lastly, I signed up for Jessica Sprague’s Storys in Hand class. I have not even started it, but will do that this weekend I think. So far it has been awesome! And really I can’t wait to make my little album to put my stories in.

If you made it this far, thanks so much for sticking with me through this long post! Have a great weekend!