Small boxes, Fish Fry and Mozzarella Sticks

I actually got some packing done today. I hate packing. It’s worse than getting dental work done for me. But this time I promised myself, I am NOT waiting till the last minute and then running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off. Have you ever wondered where that saying comes from? Do chickens really run around after their heads are cut off? Anyway, back to the packing. After many times going through this, and people complaining that I pack my boxes too heavy, I have learned to start out with smaller boxes. But it seems even that does not help, lol. I have been packing my books, craft books, and scrapping and misc specialty soft covers and the boxes are about 12″ by 18″.

As small as they are, I can hear them now as they help me move them…I don’t know why or how, but they are still heavy. But then my theory was, less trips with bigger boxes, ya know? And besides, have you ever watched men move? “oh these aren’t heavy.” and so they stack up box on box to…and what did I just say was my theory..oh yes, because then they don’t have to make as many trips. And of course now that I am older, and so are the people that help me move, I worry every single time they do that, waiting to be the one that made their backs go out. Me, after 2 back surgeries, I make the trips.

And this time, I have to differentiate between which boxes will be going with me, and which boxes will be going into storage. I am thinking most will go with me, but some will be going into storage with my bigger items. No sense in moving them up there with me and putting them in storage just to decide that I am moving back here and having to take it all back with me. So, that stuff will stay here until such time I decide on where I will go when the year is up.

Sigh…have you ever read The Creative Junkie Blog? I love her blog, She is funny, straight from the heart, and a great read. And when my blog grows wants to be just like her’s. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed!

I went to my sister’s for fish fry tonight. I love fish fries, and it’s even better from there because it is fish my nieces and BIL have caught on their fishing trips to MN. Little perch, that my BIL has painstakingly gutted and all that fun stuff guys love to do, and recently even my nieces have been helping with that part
now. But I have a problem now, every time I go out for a good fish fry, later that night and all the next day I am miserable. I don’t know why this has suddenly started happening. Can’t possibly be because I am older. I mean, I have been this age for a whole year now, why now?? So needless to say, as I entered their house I said, you realize if I get an upset tummy, this will mean no more fried fish for me. And my so nice BIL said, ya know I can just wrap some up in foil and cook it up on the grill. I declined. I guess I like misery, I am just not ready to give up a staple in my diet of a really good fish fry. But, as I write this at 1:30 AM, so far, so good. But it in my life, things like that like to make me THINK I am safe, and then wham…hahahaha, got ya!

Earlier this year, in April, I had some cysts removed from my ovary and the uterine burning to get rid of fybroids. In doing my reading beforehand, I learned that 80% of women that have this done, don’t have periods any more. But I also know my body. Whatever small chance there is of something happening or not, I am in that small percentage. So every month that goes by, I thank God that I am still in that 80% this time, and I have not had a period since then. But if you look in my bathroom cabinet, you will still see all the personal hygiene us woman have to have. I just know, as soon as I decide to give what I have to my sister or someone, can’t let it go to waste, that stuff is not cheap! I JUST KNOW, as soon as I do that…HAHAHAHA…fooled ya!! So anyway, I am hopping this fried fish thing is a passing thing and I can still eat it.

Like the year I ate like 5, yes I am a pig sometimes, mozzarella sticks. We always go to my Mom’s house Christmas eve for horse derves…hehehe, I am too lazy right now to look up the correct spelling of that. And that particular year she tried a new brand of moz sticks, and they were awesomely good, so I pigged out on them. I remind you here that I live alone. And so does my Mom, although that night my other sister had come to town for the big day and was staying in the extra room at her house. Late that night, I had THE worst and first time really, heartburn. I am in pain, really big pain, the am I having a heart attack pain. So at 2 AM I am in my car heading to Walgreens to pick up some heartburn stuff, because really I am sure that is all it is. Then I went for a drive because every time I went over a bump in the road, I felt slightly better. I know, weird..but that is me. I went driving and actually looked for bumpy streets to drive down. I finally get home and about 2 hours later, I am thinking as the pain is stilll there, what if I am having a heart attack? I am all alone, and who will be able to call 911 or get me to the hospital? I sure don’t want someone coming over here on Christmas morning and finding me dead on the floor. So, I gather my stuff together, and head over to my Mom’s. I have a key, so I went in silently and laid on the couch trying to sleep. Just knowing that there was someone there with me that I could holler to, made me feel safer. Didn’t help the pain any. And then on one of my trips to the bathroom, I scared the hell out of my Mom and almost gave HER a heart attack. She thought at first it was my sister, but my shadow was bigger…

But then she went into her pharmacy and got me something else to try which helped a lot. Needless to say, IF I have a mozarella stick again, it is ONE. I had heartburn for months after that, and I even went as far as writing down everything I ate to see what was causing it, and then poof, it went away. So, after taking you all so far off course here, I am hoping it will be the same with the fish. One can dream. I dread the day I may have to stop eating spicy food.

And I will leave you with a layout I did yesterday and a card. I got the chance to work with this beautiful kit, O Holy Night, by Connie Prince. She had a one kit call and she let me play. I loved the blue and white together.

Have great Monday!

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