I am so excited!!

This morning is all about scrapping! And I am just so excited! Why? Well, because my name is up in lights! So to speak anyway, lol. Last month I made a little luggage tag album for Kelley Mickus to go along with her collab Zoom, Zoom, Zoom. I was just making it as a freebie for her to go with her grand re-opening, but she put it in her shop too! How awesome is that?

And then late last month I got on Dianne Rigdon’s CT, and I just finished up making a Thanksgiving hybrid project with her new kit Well Worn, which is awesome by the way! And it is in the shop today! I am just so beside myself with pride…that is allowed isn’t it?? Of course, they both did all the hard work creating the gorgeous kits, and Dianne had the templates for some of the stuff, like the fry box, so all I had to do was have fun playing with it all. But it is just so exciting seeing your name along with their’s. So, ya wanna see? Gonna show you anyway, lol. Images are linked to the products.

And, the Well Worn Thanksgiving Hybrid kit is on sale, so get it now and decorate your table this Thanksgiving. I am going to print them out and let my nieces put them together and write the names on the place cards. And I think maybe a couple of the fry boxes, so the families can write things they are thankful for on the cards, and add to them through out the year. And of course, they will love doing the napkin rings.

And now I have another layout I did yesterday too. I used Kiki Halbert Designs, Amethyst Nights. It has some awesome, gorgeous, deep purple papers with lots of texture. And since purple is one of my nieces favorite color, it was perfect to do a page about her birthday earlier this year. She was just so embarrassed when everyone sang to her in the restaurant.

Love the expression on her face! And that is it for today. Or I may come back, who knows, lol. Back to packing and purging. Have a great day!

Oh, and make sure you check back on Thursday, I have an awesome hybrid project to share with you all that makes a wonderful gift!

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