Another Blog Train!

Good Morning! And welcome to Wisconsin! Today is the day, and you won’t want to miss one stop on this here train…it is chock full of some amazing holiday printables! Everyone has worked hard to bring you some amazing stuff, so when you visit the blogs and start downloading, don’t forget to leave some thanks.

Before I tell you one of my favorite Christmas traditions, I want to remind you of the Black Friday Sale going on at Scrap Matters. After you have all the freebies be sure and check out the shop. Image is linked to the ScrapMatters shop.

One of my favorite things every Christmas is the stockings. I have loved digging into those every year. Always something small and fun inside and always in the toe is an orange. And even now, at 45 y/o I still love it! After our individual families have had their Christmas morning, we head over to my Mom’s for the day. And she has the stockings lined up in front of the tree, in front off the presents. Each one geared for the recipient. Mine is a snowman design because I like them, my SIL’s a Camouflage design because he is a hunter, and so on. And yes, my Mom makes them up for everyone! So as everyone starts arriving, there are now 8 stockings lined up, waiting for everyone to arrive and get situated, so we can dive in, lol.

And in our house, it wouldn’t be complete without a few pairs of underwear stuffed inside. One year she decided not to put that in there, and we were all just a tad disappointed, and the following year, they were back, lol. Sometimes a necklace or ear rings, a CD, some body soap, all sorts of fun little treats to be found inside those stockings, which is why I think I have always loved them so much. And yes, we also make one up for my Mom, lest you think us heartless, lol.

OK, ok, you came here for a freebie huh?? So I will get to it. I have a couple treat toppers, and cone shaped ornament or treat holders for you. The treat toppers I think you all know what to do with…print ’em out and fold and staple onto a baggie filled with treats. The cone ornaments, and I am so sorry I don’t have a completed one yet to show you, but print them up, shape them into a cone and adhere closed along the edge. I like to put ribbon or wire hangers atached to the top on the sides and maybe a little jingle bell or tassle hanging from the bottom, and then you can fill them with treats and hang them. Or you can fill with some stuffing and have some sort of decoration coming out the top. I have one I left plain for you to add all sorts of scrap supplies to the outside. Some tags, or brads, bling, whatever suits your fancy! And then you hang them on the tree as ornaments. Sometime today or tomorrow I will have finished making mine up and will take photos and post them here. I hope to anyway. I have had the hardest time finding matte photo paper to print them on. Still haven’t found any yet, but I have decided to just try using something else for now. Yeah, yeah, I am in a ‘talkative’ mood today, lol….so finally, thanks for hanging in with me, here it is. Just click on the image to download. And thanks for stopping by! I hope your Thanksgiving was fab!

Next up on the train is Kim and you can find her post at the following link.

And if you missed anyone, you can check back at the ScrapMatters Blog.
And remember everyone is in different time zones, so if they haven’t posted yet, just check back a little later. Have a great weekend!!

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