Technology amazes me yet again…

The other day I was watching Life on Mars. My daughter has most of them saved on her DVR. It’s about this man who gets hit by a car and is transported back to 1973. And as I watch this, I see how much things have changed, and in all reality, in such a short period of time. In the police station where this guys works, they show a policewoman who really is more of a glorified secretary than anything at that time, using a mimeograph machine to make copies. And how old am I to even KNOW that is what she was using? There are no computers in the station, no cell phones, and all the other things we pretty much take for granted in this day and age. And that was only 30 years ago! How awesome is that? They now have women on the police force that are police officers, not someone they call on when they need a caring ear when they have to tell someone a loved one is gone or to make copies.

I have always loved history, and if you really sit and think about all the things we have in our lives now that our parents and grandparents didn’t have, it just truly amazes. But what really prompted this is my day 18 picture. But first I must show day 17…

Friday after being cooped up inside for days with the below zero weather, I needed to get out, and I had found a camera shop in LaCrosse and they had a battery charger for my Canon DSLR, so my sister and I headed out to get it. This is a shot of downtown LaCrosse. Kinda pretty isn’t it? I like when cities try and keep the old buildings and use them and keep the downtown area so interesting. I could probably spend a whole day down there checking out all the little shops, which I will do once the weather is nicer.

Day 18

OK, when I first took this picture I thought well that didn’t turn out so great, but the more I looked at it, the more I like it. So, why did I take this? I went with my sister last night to Sloopy’s while they threw darts. Now this is not the first time I have been there, but it was the first time I really looked at the juke box. It’s hard to read here, but at the top it says, Internet Jukebox. How cool is that?? You can pick from 1,000’s of songs now! I just thought that was amazing and very cool. Can ya tell I don’t hang out at bars all that much? I don’t know how common that is to have a juke box like that, but it was very new to me, lol.

And day 19

SO, moving to my daughter’s house to take care of her 3 cats and bringing my own 2 in the mix, we knew we were going to have some not too happy cats. I have to say it hasn’t been as bad as I thought it would be. A few little skirmishes, and still a little growling and hissing, but this morning 2 of her cats and 1 of mine decided to finally let things go so they could share a saucer of milk. And if any of them want any they have to share because Dori, the tabby one, will drink it all up if you don’t get your little tongue in there, lol.

Now onto my layout for ADSR #4 challenge 4. I had a lot of fun with this one and used stuff on my hard drive I forgot I had. It was supposed to be a little arty and journaling from the soul. Something that is important to you or you want others to know, heartfelt. I really liked how it turned out.


I finally got the chance to upload my January Desktop. I love how it turned out. I used Winter Magic by Jule Designs at The Digi Chick. You can find it here. I used one of my favorite pictures from Rocky’s birthday last year. Oh, and Happy Birthday Rocky!!


That’s all I have for today. Have a great day!


I am back, project 365 and ADSR

This is going to be a long post…

Man, what I thought would be an easy thing once I got to my daughter’s house turned out not to be. I figured all I would need to do was plug in my computer and I would be set and connecting to the wireless internet here. Not so!! I thought my computer already had a wireless set up, and it didn’t. I went to the store and got a card to put inside my computer. Now this is an easy thing for me to do. I have changed out hard drives, put in more memory, replaced CD drives and so on in my time since I started using computers about 10 years ago. I opened up my computer, which by the way companies have made easier for us to do. Figured out where the card had to go, but it wouldn’t fit! ARGH!!!

So off I go back to the store and find out I have an express CPI or whatever slot on my computer, so the guy suggests a USB wireless connector. That was easy to do. I am all set to go, or so I thought. It kept connecting to the wireless but with limited access..which meant I couldn’t get online. Now what does it matter that it is connected if I can’t get ONLINE?!

I call the internet company. And after trying a few things, the lady tells me, it must be your connector. Maybe you got a bad one. So I resign myself to waiting until the next day to go back to the store and get another one. In the mean time, my SIL is trying to connect on his laptop and is getting the same thing.
(obviously NOT my connector). SO when he calls, they decide to send someone to check it out. Now I already had someone coming to connect another DVR to the TV upstairs so we figured we would wait and see what he could do, if we were lucky enough to get someone that knew about the wireless connections.

We lucked out, he knew how to check and do things with that also. And I ended up not getting another DVR, he talked me out of it, lol, by showing me how to connect my VCR so I could record things and not have to disconnect my daughter’s DVD player. This very nice guy spent about an hour here, trying to get it working. Still no go but he determines that maybe the router needs to be changed and he doesn’t have one, so he sets another appointment for someone to come out and replace that. So we wait another few days for this guy to come out.

He comes out and says, “but one of your computers is connected to the network so its not the router, let me see what I can do.” And then he proceeds to do EVERYTHING the guy from the other day did…except he didn’t have the CD to install the USB connector to my computer, so he decides he will come back on Friday with the CD and do that. Mind you, the other guy already tried this…but does he listen to me?? Oh and while talking to the tech guy on the phone he says, “she tried installing a card, but she did that herself.” EXCUSE ME?!!! I wanted to pound that guy into the ground! Like I didn’t know what I was doing, the jerk! OK, I am calm, and tell the guy all that was already done..but we must wait. WHY can’t they send out the same person that was here the first time?? After telling the guy that I KNOW what I am doing, he tries to mollify me and tells me that if he can’t get the USB connection to work, he will send out the tech guy the next day. So now I am waiting over the weekend for him to come back out and try it himself.

It’s monday and after 12 and still no one. On the phone to the cable company again. They inform me that I have no appointment scheduled. GRRRRR! They will send out someone tomorrow. OK, I am calm….I am calm…I am calm. And a new
guy comes out the next day and does the EXACT same things the first 2 guys did. I am calm…calm…calm…and he can’t get it to work either. NOT so calm any more!! But what can I do, I can’t get mad at this nice man who came out. He was here for over an hour trying to make it connect. And FINALLY, he makes an appointment for a tech guy to come out. I have been thinking that every time they wanted to send out another installer…just get me a tech guy!!

The tech guy comes out and hallelujah he gets it to work!! Then he says, but you only have one bar showing, did they replace the router? Nope. Well, why the heck not, you would think they would have at least tried that. And this wonderful man not only got me connected but he had ALL the supplies he needed to do so and another router and he replaced the old one and now I am connected at almost 100%! And so is my daughter’s computer. I am happy…. And to show you how excited I was here is day 14…

see, I have yahoo and AIM and I am connected to them!!

I have decided to go with project 365 this year. Not a self portrait but just a photo a day. I have been doing pretty good so far. I started late, and so I missed a few days. I cheated and went back and took a few extra photos of things I
wanted for the the first couple of days and I am still missing day 8 I think,but I am caught up. Will I keep it up? I hope so, and this will give me an incentive to post on my blog every day. I can at least post my photo of the day and a little journaling so when I go to do layouts I won’t forget anything. I am not going to go back and post all of them so far, but I do have a couple a want to share and then today’s.

Day 10

My daughter took me to see Twilight on my birthday, the 6th. LOVED it and since she had just finished reading the books, she let me read them. By the 10th I was done and want to go back and see the movie again. Awesome series! And yes, I love Edward, lol. I have to say, I have never seen her so happy to go and see a movie. She had already seen it once, and I swear, she was skipping to the theatre with this huge happy smile on her face telling me to hurry up.

Day 13

I woke up after the 4 inches of snow we had the night before, looked at my car, and thought, “Seriously?!” I can’t believe the guy who plows the parking lot for the apartments did this. I mean, really, the snow is up and ON my bumper!

And here is today’s photo
Day 16

OK, this photo I had to take after I had gone out for a smoke and came back and made this comment to Kate. “Ya know, Mother Nature has a wicked sense of humor. It is a beautifully bright, clear, crisp looking day. The sun is shining brilliantly just inviting you to come out and play. And when I go in the garage to have a smoke, it calls to me to open the door and enjoy the sunshine. So I do, and then the -22 degrees slam into to you, actually slaps you in the face and takes your breath away. And I can hear her, Mother Nature, laughing at me.” She said, OMG, you need to use that on a layout…so I shall, lol.

And now I come to ADSR 4. This is the first time I have played in this and so far it has been loads of fun. It has been hard for me to get the pages uploaded, but I did it and we are doing pretty good so far. I am working on challenge 4 at the moment. But I wanted to share the first 3 we have done so far.

Challenge #1 We had to tear a photo into 3 pieces. I tried doing this on my own and I think it turned out ok. Love the layout tho. This is not the one I put in the ADSR gallery, I can’t find that one at the moment, but basically I had to change the 3 tears to make it look like there was 3 pieces.


An aside here, I am taking a page from Gabs blog and numbering my layouts starting with this year so I know how many I did at the end of the year. Thanks for the idea Gabs! And also,by clicking on the number it will take you to DST where you will find credits. (something else Gabs does, lol.)

Challenge # 2 was a layout we both had to work on. We had to redo the middle photo to make it one photo to go along with the rules. We could only use 8 elements which was very hard for both of us to do. We thought it was very plain…but we liked it.

Challenge #2
We had to redo the first layout posted in a gallery. I went with my gallery at SBB. Not only was it the first layout in the gallery, it was my first digital layout. We could not change any of the words and we had to use the same photos. I like the original which is here, but I do really like the new one too.


And finally, that is all from me for today. I am all caught up on this at least, lol. Lots more to get caught up on. Have a great day!