Sad Today

I am really bumming today, but I really can’t say the reason right now. But those of you that know what is going on, can probably guess the reason. I just needed to get that out there. I will touch more on that in a couple days. So, lets get my mind off this and onto something else.

I did 2 weeks of pages for my project 365, woohoo!! I found out that Weeds and Wildflowers does a bimonthly incentive to help you stay on track and get your pages done, so I will hopefully continue with them now and get caught up with past weeks. Gina is just awesome for doing that! As I do the weeks I haven’t done yet, I will post them. Here are the ones I just got done.

And lets see, I am behind on posting my daily pics, so here are the past few days of those.

Part of my daughter’s DVD collection

We had a couple warmer days, and then some rain. Then POOF! we had green all around.

I finally got a MP3 player. Not an Ipod, but I decided for what I would use it for, this was just fine.

As I said, a few days of rain, and today the sun came out.

Now I am also caught up on that, lol. Last post, I mentioned Scrapmatters and the sale for NSD and promised I would link you up to things going on this weekend. First, make sure you sign up for the Queen of Scrap challenge that will be going on all month, starting May first. You could win a guest spot on the SM CT!! How cool is that? Go here to check it out and sign up. Then there is a TON of speed scraps going on all weekend. With the amount they have planned, you should be able to attend at least one. Go here to see the schedule and put them down on your calendar. I plan on checking out at least a couple of them, so I hope to see you there!

I am sure my niece will just kill me for this, but she got her first period this week! That is always such a milestone in a young girls life. We wait patiently for it to happen, and then once it does, we wait patiently for them to stop. Or in my case, I waited rather INpatiently, lol. Then she also got her braces on yesterday. Remember those times?? I do, barely, lol. She is growing up so fast! I will surely miss all these little and big milestones once Mantha reaches them and we are done with those kinds of things. We have a few years to wait on her, thank goodness! And as I write this, I am thinking I bet my daughter is so happy that I wasn’t a blogger when these things happened to her! I think I will close today’s post with a couple more layouts I finished. I hope you are all having a great week so far!!



A Little Taste…

…of summer the past couple of days. And while I totally enjoyed it, I just need to state here and now, “I HATE bees and wasps!” And with the warm weather the past couple of days, they came out in force. I am not sure where there is a hive around here, I am pretty sure there is because the wasps are horrible here. And I mean horrible!! I have never seen so many in one area. I opened my patio door in the bedroom on Thursday, and killed my first one because it was inside the screen, and 1.) I DON’T want them flying around in the house and 2.) I don’t want the cats to chase them and get stung. So, it died. The second one met an untimely death because, well, it landed too close to me when I was outside, lol. And the third, because it decided to follow my sister and me into the house. Normally, as long as they stay away from me I am fine, but these things are all around and way tooo close for my comfort. Yesterday I opened up the whole house as it reached a very warm 89 degress, woohoo!! And all wasps managed to live, although there were plenty buzzing around the front windows, driving the cats crazy. I have a feeling this summer is going to be a battle between them and me. And today and the rest of the weekend, we are back in the 40’s and wet and chilly. I am waiting not so patiently for summer to get here and stay. Then I can start to complain about the hot and humid weather, lol.

My picture from yesterday.

I am trying different ways to show them to you, and today I am following a little bit how Gabs showcases hers. And if you haven’t been following Gabs, you should! She has been taking some awesome photos AND keeping up with her daily pages!!

I am going put this here in the middle of my post because for those of us that scrap, NSD is coming up next weekend and I need to tell you about a sale going on at Scrapmatters. Be sure to check back next weekend when we will start the blog train and festivities and I will link you up to what I can.

I talked to Niki for a little bit yesterday on the phone and in IM. They are gearing up for the move to Iraq soon. She was standing in line yesterday for another shot for something or another. She always seems to call me when she is standing in line somewhere and bored, lol. But I will take the phone calls any way I get them. She is team leader and has a few soldiers under her, and so she is now dealing with having to reprimand when someone does something wrong. Something that is new for her this time around. I know she will be a great leader.

And last but not least today, a couple pages. Oh, I forgot to mention that I am participating in the SUTUCS contest that has been going on. Been having lots of fun making pages for the challenges on that. And once it is done, I will show all my pages from that. But here are a few from April so far.

And that reminds me, I have set another goal for myself for the rest of the year. I really want to get a page a day done but I have to be realistic, so I am going to start with getting 4 a week done. I have been averaging 3 a week this month, so for next month, I want to move it up to 4. I will stick with that for a few months until I manage to do that. I may not get past that, and that is fine. I am keeping it real, lol.

And now I am off to start on a page. Have a great scrapping weekend!

Making it a habit…

Since moving to my daughter’s home, taking care of 5 cats, and my DD and DSIL are away from home for the next year, I decided there were some things I wanted to change about my life or habits and figured this would be a good time. Some things I am doing very good with, such as cleaning the litter boxes every day. You kind of have to with that many cats or else your house will start to smell like cats, lol. I also wanted to get in the habit of doing up dishes before I had a sink full and no more cups to use, lol. I have been doing good with that too. Of course, having a dishwasher sure does help! I wanted to get in the habit of doing laundry every week instead of just when I really need some clean clothes to wear. Can you tell I am a horrible house keeper?? I have been doing great with that too. So I am well on my way to making these things that I have to think about and make myself do, into a habit. Something that comes naturally to me and will do without thinking about it. I am on my way and feel good!

However, there are still some things that I really need to work on to get myself started. Like blogging every day, scrapping my project 365 photos, and losing my tummy. I am doing pretty good taking pictures, just not scrapping them or posting them here. To help with that, I am may be posting the day before pics instead of that days, since sometimes I don’t get around to taking them until much later in the day. Having said that, I hope I won’t worry about not having a photo to post from that day and just go ahead and blog. Which will in turn help me to blog every day. My DD said to me the other day, “Mom, you haven’t posted anything since January!” That made me realize how horrible I was doing. And part of that may be the fact that they haven’t left the country yet and I can talk to her on the phone still. But they will be leaving soon and via the computer will be the major way I will communicate with them, with a phone call thrown in every now and again.

A few weeks ago I went out and bought some sweat shorts and sports bras to start working out in. I have a plan on how to lose my stomach and get toned up and lose about 20 pounds or so. Have I started it yet?? Nope. So, while I have been doing great on some things, there are still things I need to concentrate on. Will I do them?? YES!!! Starting today. I am posting on my blog, even though Fez is making it a little difficult by sitting on my lap and right in front of the keyboard, hanging his head over one arm, lol. And I have a couple pics today, even one from today. Days 112 and 113.

The lamp on the big screen TV in the living room went out and after one being shipped to us broke, many irate phone calls and 4 weeks later…we finally got a new lamp for the TV and can watch it again!!

When we go outside, whether the front or the back there is usually one or more cats watching and waiting for their chance to get out. They try, and sometimes make it, but not for long,lol. We chase them back into the house. But they always make their presence known, lol.

I have a couple pages to show you also. I created my first ever kind of scene. I am not totally happy with it, but think it turned out pretty good for a first attempt. And then I scrapped a page about my nieces birthday last year. I used the fab kit Vintage by Soval at Scrapmalin.

And that is it for me for now. Have a great day!!