Making it a habit…

Since moving to my daughter’s home, taking care of 5 cats, and my DD and DSIL are away from home for the next year, I decided there were some things I wanted to change about my life or habits and figured this would be a good time. Some things I am doing very good with, such as cleaning the litter boxes every day. You kind of have to with that many cats or else your house will start to smell like cats, lol. I also wanted to get in the habit of doing up dishes before I had a sink full and no more cups to use, lol. I have been doing good with that too. Of course, having a dishwasher sure does help! I wanted to get in the habit of doing laundry every week instead of just when I really need some clean clothes to wear. Can you tell I am a horrible house keeper?? I have been doing great with that too. So I am well on my way to making these things that I have to think about and make myself do, into a habit. Something that comes naturally to me and will do without thinking about it. I am on my way and feel good!

However, there are still some things that I really need to work on to get myself started. Like blogging every day, scrapping my project 365 photos, and losing my tummy. I am doing pretty good taking pictures, just not scrapping them or posting them here. To help with that, I am may be posting the day before pics instead of that days, since sometimes I don’t get around to taking them until much later in the day. Having said that, I hope I won’t worry about not having a photo to post from that day and just go ahead and blog. Which will in turn help me to blog every day. My DD said to me the other day, “Mom, you haven’t posted anything since January!” That made me realize how horrible I was doing. And part of that may be the fact that they haven’t left the country yet and I can talk to her on the phone still. But they will be leaving soon and via the computer will be the major way I will communicate with them, with a phone call thrown in every now and again.

A few weeks ago I went out and bought some sweat shorts and sports bras to start working out in. I have a plan on how to lose my stomach and get toned up and lose about 20 pounds or so. Have I started it yet?? Nope. So, while I have been doing great on some things, there are still things I need to concentrate on. Will I do them?? YES!!! Starting today. I am posting on my blog, even though Fez is making it a little difficult by sitting on my lap and right in front of the keyboard, hanging his head over one arm, lol. And I have a couple pics today, even one from today. Days 112 and 113.

The lamp on the big screen TV in the living room went out and after one being shipped to us broke, many irate phone calls and 4 weeks later…we finally got a new lamp for the TV and can watch it again!!

When we go outside, whether the front or the back there is usually one or more cats watching and waiting for their chance to get out. They try, and sometimes make it, but not for long,lol. We chase them back into the house. But they always make their presence known, lol.

I have a couple pages to show you also. I created my first ever kind of scene. I am not totally happy with it, but think it turned out pretty good for a first attempt. And then I scrapped a page about my nieces birthday last year. I used the fab kit Vintage by Soval at Scrapmalin.

And that is it for me for now. Have a great day!!

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