Sad Today

I am really bumming today, but I really can’t say the reason right now. But those of you that know what is going on, can probably guess the reason. I just needed to get that out there. I will touch more on that in a couple days. So, lets get my mind off this and onto something else.

I did 2 weeks of pages for my project 365, woohoo!! I found out that Weeds and Wildflowers does a bimonthly incentive to help you stay on track and get your pages done, so I will hopefully continue with them now and get caught up with past weeks. Gina is just awesome for doing that! As I do the weeks I haven’t done yet, I will post them. Here are the ones I just got done.

And lets see, I am behind on posting my daily pics, so here are the past few days of those.

Part of my daughter’s DVD collection

We had a couple warmer days, and then some rain. Then POOF! we had green all around.

I finally got a MP3 player. Not an Ipod, but I decided for what I would use it for, this was just fine.

As I said, a few days of rain, and today the sun came out.

Now I am also caught up on that, lol. Last post, I mentioned Scrapmatters and the sale for NSD and promised I would link you up to things going on this weekend. First, make sure you sign up for the Queen of Scrap challenge that will be going on all month, starting May first. You could win a guest spot on the SM CT!! How cool is that? Go here to check it out and sign up. Then there is a TON of speed scraps going on all weekend. With the amount they have planned, you should be able to attend at least one. Go here to see the schedule and put them down on your calendar. I plan on checking out at least a couple of them, so I hope to see you there!

I am sure my niece will just kill me for this, but she got her first period this week! That is always such a milestone in a young girls life. We wait patiently for it to happen, and then once it does, we wait patiently for them to stop. Or in my case, I waited rather INpatiently, lol. Then she also got her braces on yesterday. Remember those times?? I do, barely, lol. She is growing up so fast! I will surely miss all these little and big milestones once Mantha reaches them and we are done with those kinds of things. We have a few years to wait on her, thank goodness! And as I write this, I am thinking I bet my daughter is so happy that I wasn’t a blogger when these things happened to her! I think I will close today’s post with a couple more layouts I finished. I hope you are all having a great week so far!!


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