{inter}national Scrapbook Day!!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! You are aboard the Scrapmatters Blog train and should have come from Kari’s blog and after you pick up your freebie here you will head on over to Heather’s blog.

Our theme is My Idea of Paradise and for me that one is easy! It doesn’t matter where it is as long as I am surrounded by family. That puts me in paradise. It can be just one family member or the whole brood with extended family. We always have fun, laugh, giggle, cry, and love one another. We get on these giggling jags when something strikes any one of us as funny and we all start in and can’t stop. Sometimes we giggle and laugh so hard we cry. And the men in our lives just look at us and smile. And sometimes they get in on the fun, like when there is THE pile up!

Whenever I see these layouts, I see love, fun, and laughter.

We all love to go and see places and sometimes takes trips together which is even better. There is ribbing on each other, jokes, lots of walking together and swimming, and whatever else we all decide to do while away from home. My Mom, sisters, nieces, and daughter all live relatively close still and we get together as often as possible. Sometimes it’s just a day out shopping around town, but to me it is paradise!

OK, enough of my rambling, I could go on and on about this, lol. But you came here for a freebie and here it is! Just click on the image to get the download. And have a great weekend! And don’t forget all the sales and speed scraps going at Scrapmatters today! See ya there!


And now for the reason

I couldn’t say before why I was so sad because my daughter and son in law were traveling with their unit to Iraq and we aren’t supposed to advertise the fact that they are traveling there. But they are safely down on the ground now and starting their year there. I am not sure exactly why it is hitting me so much, they have been in Texas preparing to leave since late February. I guess it is the fact that I won’t be able to talk to her on the phone as much and just knowing that they are no longer in the states and could run into trouble at any time. I have been through this before as this is their second tour, but the first days are always hard for me. I get through them, but right now inside, I am just so sad. I am keeping myself busy and that puts it at bay until a stray thought pops in, and then I do my best and pray, and it passes.

It also saddens me that for a whole year I won’t have any pics to scrap of them. Weird thought process I know, but its just one of the many little every day things that pops into my head. But I am hoping that this tour they send me more photos while they are there and I won’t have to wait till they get home. She seems to have a block when it comes to sending me photos. Just this past week I finally got her to send me a photo I took for my project 365 using her camera, from February. I forgot to put it on my computer before she left. I asked her quite a few times to please send it to me and finally last week she finally did, and this was the subject title…Here woman….now leave me alone. Gotta love her! And remembering the little things like that, always puts a smile on my face and makes me feel better. So, onto other things.

My Mom returned yesterday from her trip to Florida. She had a great time and is thinking of buying a house and moving there. Her Mom, my grandma, and two of her sisters live there and she loved seeing them and doing things with them. She also loved being able to just sit outside and read or whatever. It’s still too cold to do that here except for the occasional warm one that comes around to tease us. Then we open all the windows and let the fresh breeze come in and blow out winter. I will be following my Mom down there sometime in the not too distant future. I don’t mind the winter, I just hate that it is 9 freakin months long! And as much as I don’t really enjoy the thought of her being so far away, I know she will like it so much better. But give me a couple years and I will be there with her!

The festivities have started at Scrapmatters! It’s {inter}NSD weekend! I am so excited to check out all the challenges and goodies and sales going on! Here is the link to take you to the forum where a couple challenges and games ahve already started. And don’t forget about all the speed scraps going on this weekend. OH, and be sure to come back tomorrow for the blog train!! You won’t want to miss this one!

My picture from yesterday. The photo prompt challenge #14 at Weeds and Wildflowers was to snap a photo that represents love to you. Something that shows how love is expressed. I thought about this and the first thing that popped into my mind was AIM. With AIM, you can put a little message that shows up along with your name. And in our family, it has become just one of the ways I see love being expressed. We go back and forth, changing the sentences and ribbing each other, or sending out bday messages or just have a little fun with each other. No one else knows what the heck is going on, but we do, lol. And I LOVE it! Even my Mom is online and some days, the little barbs going back and forth between her and my daughter have me rolling. Then there is the added plus of being able to chat with each other daily. So it’s not really a photo, but a screen shot of what that looks like.

And a few pages I can post now. This first one I did for the Grand Theft challenge at SM. It was so much fun lifting Christy and the subject I chose to scrap was just as fun!

This next one I did for Akiloune Designs. She had a one kit call and allowed me to play with this fantastic kit, Coccinelles. It was the perfect colors to do another wedding page for my daughter. The photo was taken by Luann Dibbs.


And this last one I did because I was feeling blue and I found this fun pic to scrap of my daughter.


With that I am off to do some scrapping and surfing for some great deals. Have a fantabulous weekend!