{inter}national Scrapbook Day!!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! You are aboard the Scrapmatters Blog train and should have come from Kari’s blog and after you pick up your freebie here you will head on over to Heather’s blog.

Our theme is My Idea of Paradise and for me that one is easy! It doesn’t matter where it is as long as I am surrounded by family. That puts me in paradise. It can be just one family member or the whole brood with extended family. We always have fun, laugh, giggle, cry, and love one another. We get on these giggling jags when something strikes any one of us as funny and we all start in and can’t stop. Sometimes we giggle and laugh so hard we cry. And the men in our lives just look at us and smile. And sometimes they get in on the fun, like when there is THE pile up!

Whenever I see these layouts, I see love, fun, and laughter.

We all love to go and see places and sometimes takes trips together which is even better. There is ribbing on each other, jokes, lots of walking together and swimming, and whatever else we all decide to do while away from home. My Mom, sisters, nieces, and daughter all live relatively close still and we get together as often as possible. Sometimes it’s just a day out shopping around town, but to me it is paradise!

OK, enough of my rambling, I could go on and on about this, lol. But you came here for a freebie and here it is! Just click on the image to get the download. And have a great weekend! And don’t forget all the sales and speed scraps going at Scrapmatters today! See ya there!

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