A little story…

I posted a page the other day that I had done about a pose I get from my daughter when she is tired of me taking photos and I got a few comments about how familiar that is, or how they usually get an arm or hand in front of the face, or even a whole body turn. So let me tell you a little story.

All kids get to that age I think, when they start doing this. And back in the day, when my daughter was younger, we only had film cameras, and I got tired of wasting my film on these horrible photos. So, I stopped taking pictures of her.

And one day, as we are looking through photos, she says to me, “How come there are none of me?” To which I replied, “You always cover your face when I try and take a pic, so I stopped trying to take them of you.”

Would you believe that suddenly there was no more of that?? Yes, I still get the tongue sticking out, or goofy faces, or whatever she has planned for me, but now, and specially since digital, I can just keep snapping away and eventually I will get a good one. And I also scrap those not so great ones too!

And really, I do believe they grow out of that faze…until they become adults that is, and we never like our photos taken do we?? Which, if you think about it…if you set a good example and put yourself in front of the camera more often maybe they wont mind so much, plus…your family will get to see you without the camera in front of your face!

Just some food for thought…

Have a great weekend!


It’s the Middle of June…

…and it still is not summer around here! My daughter keeps telling me not to complain. She is in heat that melts…her words, lol. And she says to me, “and if you were in this hot of weather, you would be grumpy. I seem to recall a trip to South Carolina….mean mom!” Hahaha…I guess I have to agree with her, up to a point. When she graduated boot camp, we drove down to South Carolina for the ceremony. Yes, it was hot and humid and I was a tad bit grumpy. We went to her barracks, which was not air conditioned, and she was stopping every time we turned around to say goodbye to the people she had made friends with. I finally said, can we please just go?? That is why she called me a mean mom, I wouldn’t let her say goodbye to all her friends. But that was a horrible time in my life, I was 8 years younger, my body had done an about face on me…I was a total bitch when I got hot, and I had on the most uncomfortable shoes! She will never let me forget that, lol. Plus earlier that day at the ungodly hour of 6 AM, we were at the stands waiting for the ceremony to begin and I fell going up the bleachers. Yes, you read that right. I am not one who falls DOWN the stairs or whatever, I always fall going up!

Anyway, I am a little older now, my body seems to be changing again, and I am wanting it to be sunny and in the 80s or 90s. I can do without the humidity, but that comes with it around here. As long as I have air, I am good to go! You know, even just a couple years ago, as soon as it hit 50 degrees in the spring, I was opening up windows and heading outside without a jacket. This year? I am cold when it is only in the 60’s, lol. And I am NOT opening windows or going outside without a light jacket. So, I am either getting old…not possible, hehehe…or my body is just going through a change again, just because it can! I mean really, I was only 35 when it went through that first change. And I am craving warmer weather. Florida is looking better and better to me…and don’t ask my daughter about the family trip we had down there, oh…close to the same time she graduated boot camp…can we say bug-eyed, sweaty monster?? And lesson learned…never share a hotel room with my sister. I do like to think that I have grown some since then…I can share a suite with her now, lol.

Hmmm, let’s see, project 365…not doing so great on that lately. However, I am not going to let that stop me. I will be plugging along and not berating myself for days missed. But some days it is hard to think of something to take a pic of. I was happily taking photos of the 5 cats that allow us to live with them, when someone (who shall remain nameless) said to me, you need to stop taking pics of the cats, or people are going to think you are an old cat lady. Pffft!! I happen to think the antics of said cats are hilarious sometimes and I like to get that down. But I really don’t want people to see me as a cat lady….so I am trying to take other things too. But what is a person to do when you live mostly alone with 5 cats? My sister is here, but she works like 60 hours a week and soooo hates me to take pictures of her..like anyone does really. So most of the time, it is just me and the cats. Hmmm, maybe I need to get out more?

I have actually been doing pretty good with my layouts and stuff. I was getting behind, so I decided to quit quite a few of my CTs. And that was prompted by actually being let go from one of my favorite sites because I wasn’t doing as much as I should. I was on the hybrid team there, and just couldn’t keep up. So it was a good thing really, and I am feeling less stressed and having more fun making my pages. I did however get on the CT of The Daily Scrapper and had my first items and instructions published this month! You can see them here, I did the boy party stuff and the birthday board book. What a thrill that was! There are tons of other things in this issue, so check out the whole thing while you are there.

I will end things here with a few layouts I have done recently. As usual, you can click the number under each one for credits.





Thanks for stopping by!! Have a great week!