A little story…

I posted a page the other day that I had done about a pose I get from my daughter when she is tired of me taking photos and I got a few comments about how familiar that is, or how they usually get an arm or hand in front of the face, or even a whole body turn. So let me tell you a little story.

All kids get to that age I think, when they start doing this. And back in the day, when my daughter was younger, we only had film cameras, and I got tired of wasting my film on these horrible photos. So, I stopped taking pictures of her.

And one day, as we are looking through photos, she says to me, “How come there are none of me?” To which I replied, “You always cover your face when I try and take a pic, so I stopped trying to take them of you.”

Would you believe that suddenly there was no more of that?? Yes, I still get the tongue sticking out, or goofy faces, or whatever she has planned for me, but now, and specially since digital, I can just keep snapping away and eventually I will get a good one. And I also scrap those not so great ones too!

And really, I do believe they grow out of that faze…until they become adults that is, and we never like our photos taken do we?? Which, if you think about it…if you set a good example and put yourself in front of the camera more often maybe they wont mind so much, plus…your family will get to see you without the camera in front of your face!

Just some food for thought…

Have a great weekend!

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