Long Distance House Hunting

I am house hunting. Not for myself, but for my daughter and her husband. They are in Iraq right now, and they were planning on waiting until they returned next February to buy a house, but they want the tax credit and we aren’t sure if it will still be available when they return. I am still not sure if I am really all into this. I don’t mind doing it, I have been to a few houses now and I kind of like looking and doing the leg work for them. The thing that makes me a little leery is telling them that yes, I think you will like this house, put an offer in for it. I mean, what if they come home and totally hate it? I would feel horrible!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like they have no idea what I am looking at. They look online and find ones they think they might like, then I go and look at it. I take tons of photos, ask tons of questions, and then go home, upload the photos, and wait to hear back from them. I think by the time we are finished, the realtor is going to hate hearing from me, lol. And then, if I can, I get my sister to go back and look at it with me, and sometimes even my Mom if she is here in town. And then I IM with my daughter and I go back with a ton more questions and another list of photos to take. I am thinking at this point that maybe I should make sure the place they eventually get as a mother-in law place. After all, I am doing all the work, I should get something out of it don’t you think?

I hope everyone in the States had a great 4th. Me, I did absolutely nothing. Stayed in pretty much, and I didn’t even go out for the fireworks. I just wasn’t in the mood to deal with all those people. I did however get some pages scrapped. I surfed around the different sites and had fun creating pages for challenges I liked and using non CT items. Sometimes, it’s just good to scrap. Of course, I scrap for myself even with the designs from the CTs I am on. That is what it is about for me. I have never understood why people create pages using stock photos, unless it’s for something you are creating a page about that you don’t have a photo for, like a thing…not a person. Don’t get me wrong, I think those pages are stunning, but when it starts to make me feel insuperior, I just remind myself that my pages are just great and I get enough satisfaction using my own photos. And I am forever trying to better my photography skills, but I still feel mediocre sometimes when I see these other pages.

Which brings me to my next thought. I am thinking about maybe taking some photography classes. But they are hard to find unless you are working on a degree. Do I want to do that? Will all that other knowledge in all the other classes really help me in the long run? Because really, all I want to know is how to take better candid shots. I have always told myself that it’s all in just taking the photos, LOTS of them, to get those good shots. But, I sometimes forget to just keep shooting. Will these classes improve me in anything I really want improvement in? I don’t plan on going into the business of photography. At least not at this moment. It sometimes crosses my mind though. And I am starting to take photos in RAW format now. My family thinks I am good. I see photographer’s photos, the ones that get paid for it, and mine are not even in the same class. Sigh, must be an introspective day today.

I had my second interview today for a job. I think it went pretty well. Now all I have to do is wait for the phone call. Which I hate. What happened to the days of going in, them liking you, and saying, ok, you have a job you start tomorrow? Things like that makes yearn for the simpler times. But then, I would have this cool thing called the internet!

Today I leave you with the pages I did this weekend. And my desktop for the month. Have a great week everyone! and remember, to see credits, just click on the number under each one.

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