Jessica Sprague ROCKS!

I signed up for Jessica Sprague’s new free class Photo Editing: Frame-Ups and Special Effects. The first 2 days, I was just a tad disappointed, thinking well gosh, I know this. So today, I went and watched the first videos and then after a reference in one of them to the set-up video, (which I truly did not think I needed to watch, hehehe), I went and watched that one too, and I learned something from each and every one! OK, so far so good, and I am feeling a little sheepish. I am pleased I learned something and ready to tackle the next one. If I learn nothing else, lesson 3 was enough to keep me happy for weeks! I totally loved it and not only made an awesome photo, but I used it for something a little different to. So, after this class is over, and I have saved for a couple of weeks, I am now going to sign up for the other class she offers on photo editing. I LOVE learning these things and being able to make my photos do what I want. Let me show you what I did today.

Here is my first photo, before and after. I just love the new look!

Now for this other photo. Outside our apartment is this sign. And one night, when I couldn’t sleep, and I was sitting outside all by myself, it just reminded me of all those scary movies with the vacancy signs out front. And I kinda got a little chill, because truly, it could be used for just such a movie. But you know, just taking a picture of it, in broad daylight doesn’t convey what I was seeing in my mind. Well, after this tut and a frame from Paislee Press, and viola! I think it gets the feeling across perfectly! And now I can almost start work on a page about this sign out front. All I need is to find some kits from my stash to work with, lol. So, anyway, here is the before and after of this one. I felt so good to be able to take something I had learned and use it for something else.

I have added a link to her site on the side bar. Check it out, it’s a fabulous place to learn. She also posts on her blog every Friday with tuts in Photoshop and has lots of free tuts and items to go along with it.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping!

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