I have not been doing a great job on project 365. It has been hit or miss if I get a photo these past few months, and doing layouts with them? Nada. So, today I am going to re-commit to doing them. I have been thinking on this for a few days now, and I don’t want to quit, so I will just get back on the wagon and go from there, and hope that next year I can actually do the whole year. And that means, I actually have one for today. This one was easy because we had a visitor and who can resist a baby? This is Xavier at 3 weeks old. He is just adorable!

The next thing I am re-committing to is my blog. I wanted to be blogging every day, and that has not been the case. I am lucky if I get one post a month. For the rest of the year I am going to aim for once a week, and since I have Sundays off (most of the time) I am going to post on Sundays. Sounds like a plan to me, lol. If I get more than that, great! If not, that is cool too.

This month has been so hectic. Lots of hours at the job, a death in the family and trying to get the days off to go to the funeral, and just in general feeling behind almost every single day this month. I hate that feeling. When you are out of town and then working 6 days a week, when you do have time off, the day is filled with catching up. I have not done more than a few layouts so far this month, although when I look in my folder on the comp, I am always surprised at how many I really did get done, which is a whopping 5. Which means that I am behind on my CT pages, which isn’t good, and always makes me rethink how many I am on. And truly I am not on that many, so I will wait to make any decisions until I am feeling more normal and not like a chicken with its head cut off!

I have been looking around the web when I do have time, for some different challenges and I found Hodge Podge Art. I have done the past 2 challenges and find them so much fun and interesting, and they make me think and try something new for a page. This is my layout for the last one, The End of an Era. I used supplies from Rachel Young for this page and you can find links and journaling by clicking on the number under the page.


Another fabulous challenge this month was the Oscraps Creative Challenge. This challenge made me look at my photos in a whole new light and brought me back to the reason I scrap in the first place which is to get the stories down and not worry about not having the perfect photo. I truly loved this challenge and will do more layouts like this. Here is what I did and I used RooRah by Kathryn Wilson Designs for this one.

There is another challenge at Oscraps also, called Embrace Imperfection, which I am going to do also. I love challenges that are different and not your ordinary type. And speaking of different, I am loving the journaling challenges over at PolkaDot Plum that Suzyqscraps is doing called, Journey Journaling Challenge. They are different and make you think, so make sure you check it out. I haven’t done the first one yet, but I will, after I do the second one, lol, which is on my list of to-do things today, right after I am done posting this. I AM on the CT at Polkadot Plum, but believe me when I say I am horrid about posting all the different challenges going on there during the month, and I really truly like this one!

I am waiting for the Digi Dares to get back so I can check them out again. I love finding new and different challenges and especially ones where I am not limited to using the kits from any one store or designer. However, when I do a challenge at a store site, and I have supplies from there, I DO use them. I just don’t like being limited sometimes. So if you know of any fun and different challenges, link me up in the comments!

And on that note, I am off for today. Thanks for any and all comments as I truly love reading them and always try to visit your blog and comment back! Have a great day!