It isn’t Sunday, but I had to work this past one, and I am actually getting to a post in the same week! And truth be told, I was a little hung over this past Sunday and about the only thing I managed to do was go to work later in the day. I live in LaCrosse, and come this time of year they have a huge, huge week long Oktoberfest. It starts with the tapping of the golden keg and then a parade, and then a party. You can walk or drive down the streets and wherever you look, there is some sort of party going on somewhere. Now this is the first time I ever been here for this and I had originally decided to wait until next year when my daughter is home, to partake in any of the festivities going on around town, but my sister was asked and decided to work at our hangout carding people, so when I finished work Saturday, I headed down there to keep her company. Here she is getting the number of the guy who makes those Favre shirts.

I had no intention of really drinking, maybe a beer, but that was it. Best laid plans and all that…I had quite a few. Good thing she wasn’t drinking, because she was my ride home. But I have to admit, I had a wonderful time, and there are still things I will do next year with my daughter, like getting to see the parade. I am told you have to see it at least once. And the best bet for the whole party time is to find a nice place that you call home, and stay there to have fun, which is what I did. Knowing the people that are bartenders here, and friends of Niki’s and now mine, I knew they would not let anything happen to me. And I did one of the things I hadn’t done yet from my summer manifesto, which was to dance like no one was watching. I danced and didn’t care about anyone else, didn’t even have to dance by myself. It helped that the band was pretty darn good. I’m going to miss the Torchlight parade tonight as I work, but next year I really want to see it. All things decorated with lights, sounds awesome. Here are a few more pictures from that night.

Almost done working. Having polish…an acquired taste, but I am learning to kinda like it, lol. It’s blackberry brandy.

After the band, we headed inside.

Showing me the trick she leaned for doing jello shots…makes them go down much easier.

Yep, I was having fun!

Right this minute I am trying very hard not to laugh my behind off. As I sit here and write this, my cat is on the arm of the chair next to me, sleeping. She just rolled off, and you know, if you laugh at your cats they know you are laughing at them. And they try so hard to make it appear that whatever just happened, they meant to do, lol. So she walked it off, and is now purring at the other side of the chair. See, it pays when you don’t laugh, she came back and gave me some loving.

OK, and now I have some pages to show you. First off, a couple using some kits from Roben-Marie Designs. I LOVE her stuff! This first one is a mix of different kits, so click on the number to be taken to the credits. My daughter has 3 cats, and each one has their own unique and awesome personality, Fez being the most awesomest one. He is always doing something that makes me run for the camera and in turn, turning me into a cat lady…I have so many pictures of the cats I am sure that is what people think anyway, lol.


This next one is using a brand new kit Art Nouveau a collab by Roben-Marie and Dawn Inskip. I love showing off my beautiful daughter.


These last two are using kits by Kelley Mickus. Another one of my fave designers! I especially love her papers lately, I want to use every one in my layout, lol. First up is Beginnings which is new at The Digi Chick today. An about me page.


This month, Kelley made the kit Happiness for DST Gold Members. And it is another fabulous one! You can find out how to become a gold member and get this kit here. The photo in this layout was from the last time my daughter returned from overseas with the National Guard. I am waiting a little impatiently for her return this time round.


if you made it this far, thanks so much for stopping by! I almost forgot….her friends from the bar sent her one of the t-shirts they all wore during the weekend festivities and she got it yesterday and modeled it. She worked there a couple nights a week before she left.

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