On a Roll…

I am just thrilled! I entered the best gift challenge at Log Your Memories and it won! Ok, so it won by random number generator, but still, I am excited! AND I am even more excited to see that I won admission into The Best Gift Online Workshop! (it’s linked so you can check it out yourself and see what it’s all about.) This will be such a big help to me since I was thinking about making something like this as a gift for Christmas this year. One more thing I will be able to check off my list of things to do. Here is the layout I entered. I made it last year, and this is actually a re-do of the first one I did and it has more journaling on it, which in my book is a good thing.

I have not done much of anything this past week, just been kinda lazy, but I did get one challenge done for the Every Life has a Story workshop at TDC. This one was for the Let’s Try That Again challenge, where we took a layout with little or no journaling and added that. Here is the original one.

I changed up a couple things and then added some journaling, and here is the re-do. I really like this better.

And now I am off to try the next challenge in the workshop. Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!

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