Fun Times..but it always is when Niki is around

Gosh, it has been almost a month since I posted last, time has just flown, and I have been so busy. I was going to post my fantabulous news about 3 weeks ago, but then the news arrived and she kept me very busy for the 2 weeks she was home. Yes, my daughter decided she needed to come home, so she checked to see if there was any leave time left, signed up, and it has been a little over a month of keeping quiet about it because she wanted to surprise a few of her friends. Let me tell you, it wasn’t easy! But it was well worth it, the reaction of one in particular was just priceless.

We (including my Mom) went to dinner at Sloopy’s, which is where she bar-tended part time before she left.

As we walked in, I said, hey look what we found! Everyone was so surprised to see her, not expecting her back until late January. But there were a couple people still to come in to work, so we sat and ordered dinner and waited. A little before they were supposed to start, Niki pulls up her hood. Since they know my sister and me, they came up to say hi. Talked with us a few minutes, glanced at Niki, and then started to turn to get to work….Niki pulls her hood down as she slaps him on the arm, hey! He turns back, and I just can’t tell you how funny the look of surprise was on his face! All of us laughed and every head in the bar turned to see what was going on. If I wasn’t trying to be nonchalant about the whole thing, I would have had my camera out and maybe been able to get it on film, but it wasn’t to be. But we did get a few shots from the night, they made her have a shot of Polish which she hates, lol, but she did it, and then just a couple random shots of her.

We waited to have Thanksgiving until that Sunday so Niki could have turkey dinner with us and then we went and checked out the Christmas lights put up by the Rotary Club (at least I think that is who does it), down by the river front. It was beautiful and we just did the drive through, but I still plan on going back and walking trough it and hopefully getting some decent photos.

Then we headed to Racine and Gma’s for cookie making. I was so happy we were able to d0 this together this year. I sure wasn’t expecting to be able to, that’s for sure, but it was one of the things she wanted to do while home. Although on the drive there we had to stop at Culver’s for a burger and get a pic because she has been craving one of those for awhile now, lol.

We made her and Rocky’s favorite ones, peanut butter kiss and the cut outs.

Oh, how could I almost forget…we went to see NEW MOON! I waited for her to come home before I went and saw it. Specially since she is the one that got me hooked on the books and movies.

And then while she was home we had our first snowfall of the season and it was a dilly! 16 inches by the time it was done. And while I always love the first snow of the year, specially when it comes before Christmas, since she was wishing so much for snow, I let her do most of the shoveling, lol. But really, I think we did an equal amount.

The Friday before she left, she got a party bus together and we all pitched in and went of all places, to a strip club, lol.

I have to say my daughter sure has fun in life and I am so thankful she lets me in on most of it. I think the guys in the bus enjoyed it more, but I do have to say it was quite the experience and loads of fun! Of course we made a couple stops along the way at a couple other bars, and it was kinda fun riding in the limo/bus. Then we ended at a bar that had karaoke which she loves to do. And since I didn’t drink that night, I drove us home.

She has such a joy for life and lives it fully!

The 2 weeks ended all too soon and we had to take her to the airport for her return flight, and it was a little hard, but I just kept telling myself, she will be home for good in a little over a month, and that helped. Sigh, and now I am recuperating and missing her so much.

If you have made it to the end here, I thank you for joining me on remembering the fun we had and please forgive the quality of the photos. I haven’t had time to edit. I was going to post some pages I did, but this has become so long that I will be back a little later to do that!