One Word

I have had a hard time deciding on my word for the year. A few days ago I thought I had it and I was going to go with believe and I even wrote this as a comment on Ali’s blog:
My word for the coming year is Believe. I need to believe in myself, that I am good, that I can accomplish what I set out to do and also to believe that God will provide for me and lead me in the right direction. If something doesn’t work out how I had envisioned, to accept that, knowing that God is working in my best interests. So I need to keep remembering to believe and not doubt.

And then the past few days so much has been going through my mind and I have had a hard time deciding where to start, what I want from this new year, will things work out as I want them to, what to do, where to go, and so on. Then I thought maybe my word should be focus. I really need to learn how to do that, take things one step at a time. Make a plan, lists, whatever it takes to stop this going around and around in my mind and therefore getting nothing done.

But then I re-read what I had posted as my word and I wasn’t sure that was it. But I think I have finally found it, Faith. Which is almost the same as believe. Almost. I am turning it around and starting with the second part of what I wrote above and changing it slightly to this: Faith in God, that He will provide for me and lead me in the right direction. Faith to know that when things don’t go as I had envisioned to remember that He is working in my best interests and this is how it should be, no matter what. Any and all obstacles are just a learning process and happen for a reason, and there is something I need to learn from it. And with this word I believe the first part of what I wrote about the word believe will follow. I will have the belief in myself to do the things I want to do, I will know that I am good, and I can accomplish what I set out to do.

I also think that by having this be my one word, the focus will come. I have faith that it will.

I am also going to do project 365 again this year and this time I will finish it. Last year I kind of fizzled out around summer time. I have a folder on my hard drive with just my pictures from those days and I love going through it and looking at the pictures. I also did about 4 layouts with a couple weeks using some of those photos and it saddens me I didn’t do more with project 365. So this year I am going to do the photos and the weekly pages so that at the end of this year I can have a whole book to look back on. I know I will enjoy it so much.

I have my Memory Log Book open and ready to use starting today. This is something else that will help me to accomplish project 365 along with getting things down that I want to remember such as photos I want to take, pages I want to create, and just tidbits of the days as I go. One place to put all this…amazing! If you haven’t gotten one I really suggest that you do, you won’t regret it.

So I leave you today with my first photo in this year long project. I worked yesterday until 8 pm. I had plans to join my sister and go out and paint the town red. But then I went home to get something to eat and change and it was just so cold out and I got all nice and warm that I decided to stay in. Plus I had been up until 2 am the night before reading Angels and Demons, lol, so I was kind of tired and really had a hard time keeping my eyes open until 12 am last night. However, I did stay awake that long and celebrated the old year ending and the new year coming in with the kitties. I even put on the head bands I had purchased for the night and took a photo. And then I went to bed, lol.

My wish for everyone in the new year is love, joy, laughter, and adventure!

7 thoughts on “One Word

  1. first I want to say thankyou for your lovely comment on my blog.. secondly .. reading your blog brought a tear a smile to me.. thankyou .. for sharing such deep emotion and start to believe in yourself..all the best with it.. xxx hugs

  2. do you know that your blog post is truly inspiring? I love every word of it, it was so truthful and honest … sometimes it's hard to do some simple thing as believe …because sometimes we just like a little child who grab candies, and when God is asking us to give it to Him, we want to … but we still hold on to it protectively …but I believe that at the end, everything is GOOD becase He will make it good …Jesus bless you!

  3. Good luck with your projects and have a safe, happy 2010. I too am doing the 365 project, but with a twist. I'm incorporating my Writing-Every-Day goal with it at my BalsaMifera Woods Blog.Cheers and thanks for sharing!Stella

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