Being like my Mom

I have to preface this whole post with the statement that my Mom is still with us. But I miss her. She just moved to Florida a couple months ago and today is one of those days when I miss her being so close. We are going to Noah’s Ark tomorrow. My sister, 2 nieces, my daughter, and me. In summers past my Mom would have been going with us. As I try and prepare for our fun filled day, I am thinking of all the things she always did to make it that much more enjoyable or maybe it’s just the practical things she always did that makes me wonder if I am anything at all like her. Going to the store and getting sandwich meat, bread,chips, fruit, tea, water, and a couple of treats like cookies and then packing it all up in the cooler so we can take a break and go outside the park and have lunch or a late dinner, is just one of those things. Making sure we have towels, sun block, aspirin, a brush, and all sorts of other stuff that escapes me right now. And she does it all way ahead of time. I need to go to the store for the stuff to eat, and so don’t feel like doing it. I will probably wait until I am done working tonight at midnight. I don’t particularly want to go this afternoon before work. Is that just because I don’t want to take over these things yet? Or is it that I am just missing having her come with us? Whatever the reason, I am feeling sadly lacking and like I am nothing like

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