A Day at the Water Park

Went to Noah’s Ark on Sunday. It is Military week there, so Niki and Dana got in free and the rest of us only had to pay half price. I like when companies do things like that for the military. We did ok and had lots of fun and I think we did my Mom proud with our lunch. Sandwiches, fruit, and cookies, and then we were ready to head back for more fun in the water. This is my favorite photo from the day. I think it captured the fun.

I used lemon and honey by Paint the Moon Designs on this photo

I was a little leery about the weather because it was cloudy and only supposed to be in the low 70’s. Turned out to be perfect, not crowded and no lines. The no lines thing is great, however at a water park, every ride is at the top of hill. Normally there are lines of people and the ascent is gradual and the many, many landings of stairs is one or two steps at a time. With no lines, you go uphill and up every step as fast as you can. I worked muscles that haven’t been called on lately to do much. And after doing all that work to get to the top, makes it very difficult to change your mind and chicken out. I almost did once, but I sucked it up and screamed the whole way down. FUN.

We all slept good that night.

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