Twilight and Other Things

In January of 2009 Niki asked me if I wanted to go see Twilight with her. She had read the books and already seen the movie once, and mainly because she was leaving for a year in Iraq, and I wanted to get as much time in with her before she left, I went. I had heard about the books and movie, but up to that point hadn’t been all that interested. So she, a friend of her’s who hadn’t seen it yet either, and I headed to the theatre. Now I have been to many movies with my daughter and not once have I ever seen her skip/walk fast, almost bouncing,  to get from the car to the theatre. Her excitement  contagious as I went to see this phenomenon that is Twilight. WOW is all I could say when we walked to the car after wards. The very next day I borrowed the books from her and read every last one in 4 days. And I can now be considered on Team Edward. Not because I think what’s his name who plays him in the movie is hot, but because WOW, to have a man like that love you? It would be heaven.

I had to go see New Moon without her because she was in Iraq when it came out, and I had to tease her a little about the fact that I had seen it and she hadn’t, but I did miss being able to go with her. So when she asked me 3 weeks ago if I wanted to go see Eclipse, opening night with her, I said yes. I wasn’t thrilled with the price tag, but I love doing things with her. So for the first time ever last night I went to a midnight showing of a movie. I live a very short, maybe 2 minute drive from the theatre, so I said I would head over about 10 and see what it looked like and decide if we needed to go then instead of 11 PM like she thought. This is what I saw.

The start of the line

So I called and told her to get her butt down there and join me in line. I was there about half an hour before she and Shelly got there and I would say we were about the middle of the line. These are not the best photos, but here we are.

Me, Niki and Shelly

And then the rest of the line right before we started moving when they opened the doors.

It’s kind of hard to really see how far that line really went, but trust me, it was long.

The movie was awesome! I am going to read the books again and I might even go see the movie again, after I watch the first 2 once more, as I wait for the last one to come out. Or will it be 2? I have heard that they may split the last book into 2 movies. Will I go the midnight showing of those as well? I will if Niki wants to!

I have a couple pages to show you today. I love my Memory Log Book and these are pages from a couple of the prompts. The first is a few of the most memorable moments. You can as always click on them for credits and if you can’t read the journaling and wish to do so.

Moments to Remember

And the next is a few thoughts on freedom. I have lived in Racine for most of my life, and they have the largest 4th of July parade in the mid-west. And every year they have a float with men dressed up and sprayed bronze recreating the famous photo of Iwo Jima. It’s an awesome, awesome float and always gives me goose bumps. So I decided to use a couple of photos I took of them a few years ago. I used actions from Pioneer Woman on the photos.


As we head into the holiday weekend, remember to be safe and have a fabulous 4th! And as always, thanks so much for stopping by!


4 thoughts on “Twilight and Other Things

  1. kate says:

    I so love the relationship that you have with your daughter. She is so full of life!! I enjoyed the post and was awed by the lines. Glad you had a great time.

  2. I was going to see Twilight with a friend last night too…but she ended up getting sick. We are going to go another time, once she gets better. My husband bought me the first book and I’m going to start reading the series.

    By the way, that line was LONG! Hope you got good seats!

  3. I so look forward to these kind of experiences with my daughters.. although we have already started down that road and I love it. And I am so looking forward to seeing Eclipse!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  4. dude. i read the books in 4 days, too!

    my friends and i went to see the midnight showing of new moon last year… and then the midnight showing of eclipse on tuesday. which btw, was my anniversary.

    but my hubby was happy to let me go on our special day – as long as he didn’t have to join me.

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