Get Messy Art Journal Blog Hop

Good Morning!

Today is the day! The Get Messy blog hop. Everyone is showing some of the things they have created from some of the prompts from the first season of art journaling from Get Messy. It has been a fun and eye-opening experience for my first time. And I am looking forward to the next season. I hope some of you decide to join us in the months coming up.

At the very first we given a page to print out and do with what we want. I decided to just mess it up and I am going to use it for the cover of my finished art journal. I just grabbed what I had around me at the time and slapped it on.

Get Messy Cover

The second prompt I chose to use was a page about 100 things I like/love. It’s still an on-going page; when I start thinking of things, I add them. And sometimes I even add some art to it. I may even start to add some small photos. I just love mixing it all up. This page is slightly larger than the cover, and that’s OK. Different sized pages are kind of fun to look through.


The second one I chose was using a photo of yourself against a plain background and then writing affirmations around it. I totally had so much fun with this one. I started out taking photos of myself just standing there but then I got into it and threw up my arms and liked this one the best, especially since most of my affirmations are for positivity and keeping myself happyI might do this one yearly or maybe every few months. Being depressed, I have to choose joy every single day. It just helps with the mindset.IMG_1860

And that is all I have for today, but here are a few other wonderful ladies to check out as they showcase their art on the Get Messy Blog Hop.

Dawn (you are here)

Have some fun, gain some inspiration, and leave some loving while there. It has sure been a fun first few months. If you want to learn more, check out the Get Messy blog, and get messy yourself!