Getting It Done

So many things I want to get accomplished in the next few months, so many thoughts in my brain, spilling out all willy nilly, that I worry of never getting started and being where I want to be. Fears holding me back, or to be honest it’s a lot of excuses.

Today, I threw out the excuses and just did it! I went live on Facebook with the new streaming video. I went longer than I thought I would, mainly because a friend joined me, which I never expected, but it made me feel GOOD. And the best part of it was that we continued chatting in messenger, which was nice. Getting reacquainted with old friends is a good thing, and something I need in my life.

I saw this quote today and thought it fit perfectly. Another secret message perhaps.



~Do what makes your heart soar. ~ Dawn





Life is Perspective.

They have been in front of me all month, these six words, wiggling their way into my brain through the fog of self doubt and depression.

I will gain a new perspective.

IMG_6263I should have known right from the start what they meant, but it has taken me a whole 30-ish days for it to sink in. So this is where I will start as the month wanders into the next, realizing this:

I will gain a new perspective. I must, because life is not fact. Life is how you [perceive] it.

I start this week learning through secret messages that come to me in my time, when I need them most, using my Right Brain Planner pages, as I find my tribe.