On Waking Up

Last week I started [again] Inner Excavation with/by Liz LaMoreux. There is also this  season of introspection at Get Messy and then the third quarter (is it really so? how the time flies) of The Right Brain Planner. I am loving each and every one.

As I started reading the first chapter for the inner excavate-along, I felt a stirring inside. I sat down to create, pulling out collage material and words, and this fell out onto my table; wake up.

And there was a shift, an urgency.


Start now.


Wake up and start.

This has been with me for a week now and has come through in my art.


Each and every page, from art to journal to planner has been all about this.


Urgent, moving from one to the next, one new experience to the next, starting to see.


Seven days.

New thoughts.

New words.


These pages and words have come out of the reading I have done for the inner excavate-along, Get Messy Art Journal and The Right Brain Planner. No particular prompt has spurred this as much as everything together as a whole; the community on Instagram and Facebook and all the sharing and pushing and holding up of each other.


Learning to ask the questions and then listening.

And hearing.

And the moon and setting intentions.


And today I finally started a book I have had for at least a couple weeks. [More on that another time.]

I am wide awake now.

A dragonfly followed me. It was there when I left my first stop today, and then again as I was driving. I talked to it.

“Hello, I see you.”

I am not sure what it was trying to tell me.

I am on the right path?

I think so.

My eyes are open.