Hybrid Collage Wall Frame

I made this a few months ago for The Daily Scrapper and am finally getting around to sharing it here on my own blog. You will find all the directions here, but please be sure to check out The Daily Scrapper for tons of scrapping and other hybrid ideas.

This is probably one of my favorite so far and I got the idea from my friend Kate. She has made a few already although she uses abstract art to put on the non photo areas where I used digital papers I printed. If you’re not a digital scrapper, regular scrap papers work just as well. And without further ado, here it is.

Wall Frame

And a few close-ups.

It’s really pretty easy to create. I used Love is Here by Jazzmin Designs. I did however decide I wanted a different frame for it, and I am still looking, but as soon as I find one I like that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, I will be switching it out. OK, so you want to know how to create this, don’t you? Here it is.

My family has a very special relationship and this is what I wanted to focus on with my project. I wanted to showcase the love, friendship, tenderness, and all around fun that we all have together and I think this managed to accomplish just that. Again, this is pretty straight forward and easy.


Love Is Here digital kit by Jazzmin Designs



Tape runner and glue


I used HP Everyday Photo Paper (it has a slight gloss finish, which I wanted)

Corner rounder (optional)

Other scrap embellishments

1. The frame I got was 16×20, so I figured out how many squares I wanted to fit across and down on my frame and how large each square should be. I went with 20 of them, 3.5×3.5 each. I created a basic 3.5 square in PS and just used that for each new little layout and saved each one with an a,b,c, etc after the file name. For the photo, I did not add anything, just making them fit the square, showing only the parts I wanted to print. Then I found papers and a few elements/word-art that I liked from the kit and created some photo-less squares. After I was done with them all, I placed them on an 8.5×11 canvas, ready for printing and printed them all.

2. I cut them out along with cutting 20 squares from the chipboard. I used my tape runner to attach all my squares to the chipboard and then I used a corner rounder on each one. That is optional, just depends on your taste and how you want them to look.

3. I painted the backing from my frame because I didn’t like the color it was. While that was drying, I went through my stash looking for a few little embellishments to add and adhered them to my squares where I wanted them, laying them out and moving them around until I got a design that I was pleased with.

4. Once the paint dried, all I did was adhere the squares to the frame backing and placed it in the frame. I am leaving the glass off, because I like that look, but you can certainly replace the glass on it if you want and it still fits with the embellishments you added.

And there you have it, a collage type wall hanging showcasing exactly what you choose.

I am thinking of making these for family for Christmas this year. Don’t you think they would be awesome gifts?