Family and Connections

The most important connections I have are with family and extended family (those people that are in my life that I consider family). For most of my life, we all lived within 5 miles of each other, but that has changed in the last few years, the biggest being my Mom’s move to Florida this year. Now it is my one sister, my daughter and me living on one side of the state with my other sister and nieces across the state in our home town and my Mom of course in Florida. For the 3 of us in the same city, it is pretty easy to connect with one another, getting together and doing things, from going to the store or on an outing of bigger proportions. I love being so close and being able to get together face to face and I drove the 3 and a half hours to Racine quite a bit the last couple of years to visit with my sister and Mom and plan to do it again and again to see my sister and nieces. This is my preferred way, but of course there are many, many ways we can connect in this day and age.

There has always been the mail and I love getting a card or letter or the best, a package. Although those are few and far between now with the computer and cell phones. We have become used to instant gratification with email and cell phones. For the most part we are guaranteed success of reaching who we want on our cell phones.

Niki and her permanent attachment, lol.

Email is sent and lands in the inbox within seconds and we usually get a reply in the time it takes for snail mail to reach our intended recipient, if not sooner. Computers have made staying connected even easier with IMs and webcams and Skype. Making distances not so distant. I don’t know how I would have handled not being able to chat with my daughter online or send and receive emails the 2 times she was in Iraq. It was still hard having her so far away and in harms way, but this made it easier.

But the times she was away, even though we chatted almost daily, the thing she loved the most was the letters and packages we sent. And as I stated earlier, I still love getting real, hold it in my hands, mail. There is just something about being able to feel the paper and see the handwriting of the person, that makes it so much better than an email. And I have stopped sending them myself for the most part, it’s just so much easier to hop online and write an email or pick up the phone and make a call. And while a phone call is still up there as one of the top things, because I love hearing a voice, I am going to make an effort to send out more cards and little packages to the people I love. Because it is just one more way to stay connected and who doesn’t like going to the mail box and seeing something that isn’t a bill or junk mail addressed to them?

This post was inspired by Madeline Bea and and The Sunday Creative.